By Mike Henle People’s lives can change in an instant, as we learned one day about 20 years ago. We had just left for work when we received a call from a neighbor telling us that our custom 4,000 square foot, two story home was burning in southwest Las Vegas. We were at work and […]

Flower Mound, TX   Brings  Home The Vacation

By Mike Henle Freelance writer Not long ago, my wife, Carmen and I learned about the value of a family vacation. I haven’t been on a vacation in years. We mapped out a challenging and exciting trip to Texas, and we couldn’t have picked a better place to go. The trip was to celebrate our […]

KJ Howe is Definitely Multi-faceted

By Mike Henle When it comes to teamwork for the creation of the legendary Mint 400 Off-Road race, the name KJ Howe stands out for being one of the most creative members of the sport. He is the “go to” person for many auto racing events in Las Vegas. A native of Lower Boston, Howe […]

Here comes the Mint 400!

By Mike Henle The Mint 400 is a classic off-road race which has been the king of off-road motorsports forever for decades.  Since the 1970s, it has been the classic showdown as evidenced by the throng of competitors and sponsors that have come for this year’s race. This year’s race is expected to be another […]

Mortuary Businesses Have Changed With The Times

By Mike Henle My wife’s family has always had unique employment opportunities and her youngest sister is no exception. Native Las Vegan Adele entered the workforce several years ago working in physical therapy.  However, she has bolstered her career even more with the addition of her latest accomplishment at a local mortuary in Las Vegas. […]

We will miss an old friend; a Toyota named Mable

Mike Henle Toyota Pickup

By Mike Henle Pardon me, if I look a little tired, or bummed out. I’m having a really tough time coming to grips with a recent setback. One of my best friends is about to leave after so many years of loyalty and unconditional assistance. In fact, we were always within a few steps from […]

The first of many water communities in Southern Nevada

The Mad Dog Blog By Mike Henle Almost 30 years later, in 2021 little has changed. The year was 1992 and I was busy writing a feature story for the New York Times, this time on water usage in Southern Nevada. The housing boom was heating up again, although restrictions had grown tougher.    Back in […]

Schnauzers play role in helping local seniors

by Mike Henle  A 12-year-old Schnauzer named Fritz and his buddy (this writer Mike Henle) Truly are both living seizure-free to live another day following a day of fearful setbacks. Like so many others who seemingly cannot live without a dog, the Schnauzer literally walked into our lives.  Fritz was the name we came up […]