Adele: “The mortuary business has changed over the years.’’

By Mike Henle

My wife’s family has always had unique employment opportunities and her youngest sister is no exception. Native Las Vegan Adele entered the workforce several years ago working in physical therapy.  However, she has bolstered her career even more with the addition of her latest accomplishment at a local mortuary in Las Vegas.

The mother of four and a wife has quickly earned her respect from fellow workers and families. It goes without saying that the industry must operate professionally, and Adele has proven that many times.

Her co-workers quickly took Adele under their wings, and it’s been an excellent relationship ever since.

“I started working here about three years ago,’’ explained Adele. “This is the best job I have had in six years. “It’s the best-ever for me. Not just anyone can do this job. You see families on the very worst day of their life and it’s my job to make sure they feel better when they leave. You see everything in this business. 

Then again, we see very interesting people such as rock stars, biker clubs and have people from every culture. We often have the military and first responders. This is certainly an interesting group of people.

“We even had a family that wanted to dance. We no longer have pews. People like our tables and chairs,” Families Adele added.”

“Funerals are not traditional anymore. If you can think of something you want. We can set it up for you. We had one group that wanted an Elvis Impersonator. He sang at the grave site and performed at the reception with costume changes. In the old days, Western Civilization dictated that happy times were not a part of a funeral service.

“If you name it, we have probably seen it,” Adele added.

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