By Mike Henle

Mike Henle Toyota Pickup

Pardon me, if I look a little tired, or bummed out. I’m having a really tough time coming to grips with a recent setback. One of my best friends is about to leave after so many years of loyalty and unconditional assistance. In fact, we were always within a few steps from hooking up with one another.

My friend and I were always hanging around with common friends. We’d travel together for long distances, to incredible places like cold country, or the desert, often just to check out the scenery. We had occasional challenges wherever we went, but always made our way home safely.

What is so fascinating was the fact that Mable had only two-wheel drive.

The friend I’m talking about is a 2001 Tacoma SR and while it’s no longer going to be part of our family, the Tacoma’s long history in our family will never be forgotten.  Even more important is the fact that it always got us home safe and sound. 

And while I’m thinking of it, I’m losing my mind. The Toyota Tacoma had a personality of its own. Believe it or not, I’m actually very sad about letting go of this Tacoma. In fact I’m steadfast in believing that I’m actually sad to see our old Tacoma exiting our land. I’m just hoping that the next owner of the Tacoma takes lots of pictures and keeps track of the memories we had with our kids beginning in the old Tacoma 1982 SR.

OK, so I’m getting melancholy. You see, my best friend for the past 20 years was my Tacoma SR. Yep my best friend for about two decades has been a truck, one that was at my side for countless days and nights.

Yes, my truck got lucky like new trucks, primarily because it was as reliable as new trucks with more than 330,000 miles on it when it was sold; and I still wonder about my old girl named Mable.

Granted it needed work and there were times when I was frustrated with it, too. 

However, “Mable” was loyal and it looked good from Day One until it was sold to someone who promised to take good care of old Mable. Toyota built a great piece of machinery and if it is sold, we’ll all miss the old girl.

Also important to know is that we’re still in the Toyota family considering that we now have a Toyota Corolla. However, we will remember Mable for years to come. 

Thanks for the memories, Mable. You were good to us and we’ll never forget you.

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