By Mike Henle

KJ Howe attending Dinner of Champions. Credit: The Mint 400

When it comes to teamwork for the creation of the legendary Mint 400 Off-Road race, the name KJ Howe stands out for being one of the most creative members of the sport. He is the “go to” person for many auto racing events in Las Vegas.

A native of Lower Boston, Howe isn’t afraid of anything, whether it’s a skiing trip to the Alps or taking calls from businessmen from all over the world.

Then again, KJ knows when to put his foot down, as evidenced by the time that he threw a Christmas tree off the top of the old Mint building during a short dispute with a fellow employee at the time. It’s simply not part of his cover. 

“I love Las Vegas,” Howe said, who is now 83.

Meanwhile, Howe recently helped another impressive awards event during 2021 BF Goodrich Tire Mint 400 events week. The Dinner of Champions was held Wednesday evening sponsored by the Martelli Brothers, promoters of the race.

According to Howe, it also was honoring Rob MacCachren, a local off-road racer, for his accomplishments.  

More information on the race can be found on Facebook and on-line at

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