By Mike Henle

Freelance writer Mike Henle stays in shape working out at EoS gymnasium on Durango Road in the southwest Las Vegas Valley.

I found a new way to relax the other day, and I’m absolutely fascinated how I ran into the concept.

I have discovered that I can often enter a gymnasium feeling rundown and worried, and leave feeling like a new person. 

A good workout tends to leave me with a refueled feeling. I love how it works. To me, it’s almost like having a built-in physician at the gym.

Tie together a good workout with a Zumba class and you’ll be like a new person every time. It’s easy to get people motivated, when they want to improve themselves, especially when there are about 50 enthusiasts rooting you on.

What really fascinates me is that seniors are encouraged to participate in the gym. – a delight considering that those of us that are senior citizens can truly appreciate the assistance provided by EoS. 

Take it from me when I tell you that working out is an invaluable tool, and in fact, there is no better benefit.  Besides, an hour’s worth of exercise is well-worth the effort, especially when you start to notice the dividends – at EoS.

Eos is available throughout the Las Vegas Valley and in fact, throughout the United States. In a sense, I feel as though the people of EoS are helping me in my own personal battle – and that’s awesome because I have help!

After all, when you’re under the gun, it’s important to keep on — and what better way to battle back than working out.

Look at it this way: When it’s 120 degrees in the summer, or cold and windy in the winter, EoS is perfect for an old guy like me and I’m thankful for that.

It’s easy to enjoy Eos, especially like I did when I discovered group workouts, which attracts a wide variety of enthusiasts like those who participate in ZUMBA.

In fact, I speak from experience. Considering that I have Alzheimer’s, I have been well-schooled by people that have advised me to keep on keeping on – and Eos is perfect for those struggling with a challenge in their life. 

I’m a huge fan of the good folks of EosFitness.

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