MIKEphotoFrom the time he was bitten by a mosquito at the age of nine months and infected with encephalitis, Mike Henle suffered from a seizure disorder for thirty-seven years—a chronic illness exacerbated by prescription drugs. He finally came under the treatment of a neurologist at Scripps Green Hospital in California and underwent brain surgery on December 6, 1994. After the surgery, Mike went through detoxification from prescription drugs such as phenobarbital. Now, almost 24 years later, Mike’s life has changed in dramatic and simple ways. He can drive a car and not worry about having grandmal seizures; his thoughts are clear and uncluttered; his self-worth is elevated, as well as his relationships with family members. His book Through the Darkness: One Man’s Fight to Overcome Epilepsy is an account of Mike’s struggles with this disorder and his frustrations through the years of misdiagnoses and maltreatment. Now a freelance writer, Henle first began covering prep sports while in high school and worked as a sports reporter for Las Vegas newspapers for twenty years. His career in journalism included the Las Vegas Sun in the 1960s and the Las Vegas Review-Journal from 1968-89. Henle served as the R-J’s real estate editor from 1985 until December of 1989 when he formed The Idea Company Public Relations and Advertising. Since launching his own freelance writing career, his work has included four real estate stories that were featured in the New York Times. The nickname “Mad Dog” was given to him by former Review-Journal deskman Tom Brown who noticed Henle’s tenacity and labeled the young writer with a tag that has remained for more than 30 years. Henle married his high school sweetheart, Carmen, and the couple celebrated anniversary No. 46 June 10. They are proud parents of three fine young men and brag about their five beautiful grandchildren.


“You (Yours Truly) don’t have an Arachnoid Cyst. You just don’t have a lot of brain matter in the right side of your head.”

Dr. Stuart S. Kaplan