Schnauzers play role in helping local seniors

by Mike Henle  A 12-year-old Schnauzer named Fritz and his buddy (this writer Mike Henle) Truly are both living seizure-free to live another day following a day of fearful setbacks. Like so many others who seemingly cannot live without a dog, the Schnauzer literally walked into our lives.  Fritz was the name we came up […]


Las Vegas, Nev. Those people who are struggling with the diagnosis of early on-set of Alzheimer’s disease should be happy with the fact that medications are being delivered to pharmacies all over the country. Known as Rivastigmine Transdermal System, the drug is receiving good response in its first few weeks of being distributed in Southern […]

Overview of Epilepsy Surgery

Reposted from Epilepsy surgery is a treatment used to help control seizures when seizures are not controlled by medications. Epilepsy surgery is “neurosurgery,” which means it is surgery involving the brain. Doctors who do epilepsy surgery are neurosurgeons. Neurosurgeons who specialize in the care of people with seizures are found at comprehensive epilepsy centers. There are many different […]

Dec. 6 is an important day in this family

This article was originally published Dec 6, 2017 By Mike Henle On Dec. 6, 1994, my life changed dramatically one day after our family traveled south to Scripps Green Hospital in La Jolla, Calif., so that I could undergo right temporal lobe brain surgery. At the age of 43, I had struggled with epilepsy since […]