Freelance writer Mike Henle along with a Smith’s pharmacist shows the patch used to slow memory loss. 

Las Vegas, Nev.

Those people who are struggling with the diagnosis of early on-set of Alzheimer’s disease should be happy with the fact that medications are being delivered to pharmacies all over the country.

Known as Rivastigmine Transdermal System, the drug is receiving good response in its first few weeks of being distributed in Southern Nevada.

Smith’s pharmacist Karen (no last name), said during her shift recently that there has been a good response to the drug, a patch, that helps slow the procession of memory loss.

The patch is placed on the body, and it’s changed every 24-hour period.

The Smiths outlet is situated at 10,100 W. Tropicana Avenue in the southwest portion of Las Vegas.  Further information may be found by calling the pharmacy at 702-220-7911.

Las Vegas freelance writer Mike Henle is among those who change the patch every evening. He said the patch concentrates on slowing down the memory loss.

“This is one of the few drugs that I am able to take without side effects,” said Henle who is 70 and fought epilepsy for most of his life, until a dramatic surgery reversed the effects and essentially “cured” him of the disease.

Now among those living with the heart wrenching diagnosis of early on-set dementia, freelance writer Mike Henle is among those who are participating in the campaign. 

“I love the idea,” Henle said. “It gives us a new direction when it comes to battling memory loss and we will do everything possible to preserve the quality of life”.

“Memory Loss is a tragic and frightening ordeal,” Henle said. “Hats off to everyone that participates in the cause.”

People that have been monitoring the situation say that Memory Loss is a huge concern, and continual research is ongoing.

The future looks promising and new advancements are being discovered all the time.

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