Welcome to church on a Sunday morning in Dallas, Texas (or better yet “Flower Mound”) where the doors are open and The Word is being spread.

We decided to check out Texas last week.  Getting out of Dodge suddenly became a priority after the temperatures of the summers of Las Vegas once again became overbearing.

And besides, our former church was shutdown thanks to the fact that we were all potential victims of a handful of viruses that invaded the United States.

In fact, when the news spread, I immediately thought about the future of the many churches in Las Vegas.  I could see the “Closed” signs on churches all over the valley. That said, I guessed that there wouldn’t be any services for many Sundays, so we took our shots and moved on.

Surely, closing the churches during the Covid shutdown would become a reality, whether we liked it or not. Churches in Texas would do the same.

So, when the kids decided to go to church on a bright Sunday morning, I was surprised as I walked into the church where a good crowd had already assembled. When I saw the crowd, an interesting sensation struck me.

 I found a seat and sat down when I suddenly discovered that my arms and legs started to relax. We had entered a house of religion where Sunday was an important enough day to feel free and able to spread the word.

Say what?  You mean to tell me that churches are open in Las Vegas with limited capacities and the good folks of Flower Mound, Texas are wide open and ready to go. I mean, I gotta spread the word, too. 

I immediately walked up to our oldest son and asked him about how such a profound gathering in people was possible in Texas and not in Nevada.

He explained that the services are monitored, sanitized between services and masks are worn in public  areas.

Hmm, I was fascinated. I mean, how could there be two sets of rules, as it related to the cities of Nevada and the state of Texas?”

It seems that Texas and especially the cities of the Silver State have a certain level of character, or passion. Everyone in Texas has a church of some kind and there better not be someone toying with the idea of shutting down the worship centers.

After all, things are different in Texas, and church is important.

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