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RIDGECREST, Calif. – The Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts – otherwise known as SNORE since its inception in Las Vegas in 1969 – has been concentrating on events presented out of town for the past several years.

SNORE returns to Ridgecrest, Calif., for the annual Motion Tire Motor Sports 300 April 7-8. Among the members of the Boyle family that have played big parts in the event are from left, Cheryl (mom), Brittney, (sister), Kelly (sister), Richard (dad), Ashley (sister). The photo was shot at the wedding of Kelly and Tommy Mather, who are also some of the event’s top competitors.

And without missing a beat, the club will return to this beautiful little city the weekend of April 7-8 for the annual running of the Motion Tire Motor Sports 300 about 3 ½ hours west of Las Vegas.

Ridgecrest has provided a stop on the SNORE annual series for the past ten year, and for good reason. Especially during the spring when the weather is literally perfect complete with flower shows and other outdoorsy-type of events, off-road racing fits in like a ball in a glove.

For good reason, the Motion Tire Motor Sports 300 has everything ranging from friendly people to ground-thundering off-road vehicles to terrain highlighted by huge boulders that can be seen for miles.

In fact, if you study the entire scenario, the area situated a few miles east of Ridgecrest has a picturesque setting perfectly-suited for either an off-road race or even a scene out of a movie highlighting the wild, wild west. The series sponsored by Patrick’s Signs and McKenzie’s is pedal to the metal as SNORE head’s into its second race of the year.

The heart and soul of the annual Motion Tire Motor Sports 300 is the Boyle family, which has lived here for so many years that its members could undoubtedly serve as the mayor on most any given day.

The Boyles have been running off-road race cars in the area for decades.

“The family has been off-road racing since 1994,” said Ashley Boyle, who runs Motion Tire with her mother, Cheryl and sisters Brittney and Kelly Mather. Father Richard passed away of cancer July 12, 2015.

“There is a tribute to my dad about three miles from town and it’s not far from where the SNORE race is held,” Ashley explained.

About a decade ago, Richard Boyle hooked up with SNORE and the family business has been a part of the SNORE schedule ever since.

Kelly Mather t will run Class 1 in this year’s race and you can bet she will do well in the race thafeature 70-mile laps.

“She’s pretty fast,” explained Ashley, Kelly’s younger sister. “I guess the racing is in her blood. Everyone gives her the devil because she is constantly beating up on the men.”

Ashley said she will never forget watching her dad race during his days off-roading.

“Off road racing brought joy and accomplishment to my dad,” Ashley recalled. “He worked very hard all of his life, and off-road racing was his form of relaxation. We have made a lot of friends in off-road racing.

“We know a lot of people here who come out and support us. This community is very close-knit and everyone sticks together.”

Dennis Boyle, who hails from Ventura, Calif., is Richard’s younger brother. He will race Class 1.

Tommy Kirkmeyer, an Apple Valley, California racer and Richard’s long-time friend, will be Kelly’s teammate in this year’s Motion Tire 300.

Dallas Luttrell, of Salt Lake City, will debut a Trophy Truck formerly owned and driven by noted off-road racer Brian Collins of Las Vegas.

“Dallas has been running Class 7200 unlimited for the past five years,” said Robbie Goerke, who is the Collins Motorsports team manager. “My brother, Billy, is going to co-ride with him in Ridgecrest.

Robbie Goerke said Lutrell won the Class 7200 in the recent Mint 400.

“He hopes to be an up-and-coming Trophy Truck driver,” explained Goerke.

Luttrell, a full-time racer whose family owns a ranch in Idaho, has been racing since 2009 when he competed in the SNORE Battle at Primm.

“I am now going to get seat time in the SNORE races,” said Luttrell, who is 35. “We’re also going to run the Midnight Special.”

Luttrell explained that he’s going to run the 7200 class in several other off-road races.

“I love off-road racing,” he said. “It’s a lot of fun and teaming up with Billy and Robby has been a great thing for me. It’s one of the best decisions I have made in off-road racing.”
Meanwhile, Motion Tire continues to do very well in Ridgecrest.

“Motion Tire has been in the family for more than 30 years,” Ashley explained. “We’re just a local business that caters to everyone from the owner of a car along with local businesses.”

SNORE’s 2016 Patrick’s Signs series will also include the Caliente 250 June 9-10 in Caliente, Nev.; the KC HiLites Midnight Special June 9-10; the PCI Race Radios SNORE 250 Aug. 5 in Jean, Nev.; and the McKenzie’s Rage at the River Dec. 8-10 in Laughlin, Nev.

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