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Brendan Gaughan and dad, Michael, can often be seen at the beach when not participating in off-road racing events all over the country

SNORE’s first race with its new sponsor Justice Brothers Racing is set to kick off the first race of the year Feb. 12-13 in Kingman Ariz., and you can be your eyes that racers all over the country will be on- hand for the highly-anticipated off-road race event.

It’s an all-new world for two respected race bodies with rich history and incredible exposure for the new series that promises to be the best friend of off-road racing.

Yet another key component to America’s latest off-road racing organization hitting town is the fact that Nevada hotel magnate Michael Gaughan and his son, Brendan, both play key roles with the latest setup at numerous tracks. 

Change is always taking place, especially as it relates to the sport of off-road racing, and changes here illustrate very positive changes.  

In this case, a course change is made only once mainly because the track layouts are generally re-used several times each year.

The addition of Mojave County Campgrounds has also suited the needs for special events.

Credit for the quick construction of the Mojave County Campground has been the result of dedication of numerous volunteers that have burnt the midnight oil for hours on end over the past several weeks.

Bill Henry of Justice Brothers has good things to say about the new additions.

“We’re looking forward to the year and we’re going to participate in some giveaways at the track,” he said. “Hopefully, we can help spread the word to promote the Justice Brothers brand. Ed Justice helps with SNORE and we have a very good sense of teamwork.”

Brendan Gaughan has raced in off-roading and pavement racing for many years and he can’t wait to see the debut of another.

“To me, off-road racing is as grassroots as you can get,” Gaughan said “It teaches you discipline. I have been off road racing for more than 30 years, and the sport sticks to you. Every off-road race is an epic journey. I can remember every mile.”

“I raced 23 years with NASCAR and was excited the day I retired because I could always go back to the desert.”

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