By Mike Henle

The Southern Nevada Off-Road Enthusiasts – otherwise known as SNORE —has a rich history.  In a territory that often finds reason to demolish a long-standing part of the earth – SNORE has survived more than half a century (It’s actually been 51 years ago), and it’s going stronger than ever!

For the record, Las Vegas included a small group of off-road racing enthusiasts in the back of a bar known as an establishment named “The Sawdust Saloon.”  The establishment suddenly decided to start off-road racing when at least a few of those in attendance didn’t even know what an off-road car was.

Nonetheless, SNORE has kept going over five decades. It has prospered during the good and bad times thereby, the result of a keen dedication that only off-road racers understand and the ability to dance through a never-ending jungle of bureaucratic rules and regulations.

Some of the best off-road racers in the world have stopped in to compete in SNORE’s best racing at one time or another. Remember Fritz Kroyer, who rolled his Class 1 car on the first lap before returning to collect Overall and Class One titles of the SNORE 250 in 1970?

Through it all – and thick and thin — SNORE’s long tenure has created memories that will last forever.

And with the new year upon us, a new off-road racing series is about to spread its wings. There is a promise that this new series will be stronger than ever.

There is reason to celebrate now as SNORE joins hands with the ever-popular Justice Brothers for an off-road racing series that promises to light up the world of the sport of off-roadracing.

“SNORE has always been instrumental in the success of the popularity of the sport,” said K.J. Howe, former long time Mint 400 race director KJ Howe. “SNORE’S dedication to the sport is unmatched.”

The Series kicks off Feb. 12-13 with the SNORE 250 in Kingman.

The 2021 SNORE Justice Brothers Schedule




Midnight Special

Battle at Primm

Rage at the River

Feb. 12-13

April 2-3

May 21-22

July 16-17

Oct. 15-17

Dec. 9-12

Kingman, AZ

Ridgecrest, CA

Caliente, NV

Jean, NV

Primm, NV

Laughlin, NV


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