july 4th TD 29 of 39Once again, Fourth of July celebrations in Las Vegas were dominated by illegal fireworks purchased from Pahrump to the west and the Indian Reservation to the north.

And once again, homes caught fire, people were hurt and the overall purpose of the celebration was dominated by illegal fireworks that turned just about every neighborhood into war zones.

Last year, I suggested that the Clark County Commission and the Las Vegas City Council work to temper the insanity that continues to terrify animals and humans while also threatening residences with costly damages.

For whatever reason, the outlets that continue to sell fireworks that are illegal elsewhere are operating without fear of closure even though the majority of their business is gained by customers who are knowingly breaking the law.

Interestingly, the Nevada Highway Patrol can and will nail us for speeding on the ride to Pahrump or to Moapa where fireworks become illegal once they’re used in Clark County.  It would seem there is a level of liability in knowing that a product is illegal if it is used in another city or county.

garbageNo one in Las Vegas – unless you’re the ones lighting the fuses — is happy about the current onslaughts of firepower that is currently being unleashed on every neighborhood in Clark County.

However, we’re all victims of the helpless nature of everyone involved in what the Fourth of July has become. It’s like living in the Middle East, for God’s sake.

So, here’s my suggestion for those with the horsepower to tackle a huge problem:

When the Fourth of July rolls around in 2017, require all businesses selling illegal fireworks to first see the driver’s license of the individual purchasing the product. If that person is from Clark County, nullify the sale simply because you all know that the greatest percentage of the product will be taken to Las Vegas.

True, the vendors will be hurt financially, but we damned sure don’t care anymore.

In our case, we experienced a bad fire in the southwest valley. The fire took place in January of 2002, so it wasn’t related to fireworks. However, we are not the least bit interested in experiencing a house fire again, and it’s exactly that threat that every single resident is facing at least once a year.

It’s bad enough that animals suffer heart attacks because of their fear of fireworks. Throw in the fact that many animals simply run away from home rather than be forced to listen to the war zones, and the problems compounded.

Then, too, there is the concern that many military veterans who have served in the Middle East suffer from Post Traumatic Syndrome Disorder, and the problem of the Fourth of July becomes yet another example of what simple-minded clowns with fireworks can do to people.

If nothing else, the fines for this should stretch from the distributors to the buyer and the rest. Make it a $2,500 fine and don’t take a penny less. I mean, if nothing else, it’s a great profit generator as the City of Las Vegas and Clark County find yet another revenue-generating mechanism.

And come to think of it, if there is a fine for stupidity and a lack of concern for mankind, their pets and the rest, make that one $5,000. Hell, you could right-side your budgets on one evening considering some of these uncaring and inconsiderate morons just in Southern Nevada.

There is no easy fix for the out-of-control illegal fireworks that has mushroomed into a major issue during the last few years. With controlled fireworks at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Cashman Field and many other outlets, there is no reason to let the illegal activity continue in our neighborhoods especially when the cost of violations can help fix budgets that need help.

Meanwhile, law enforcement received more than 900 calls from people complaining about the fireworks. Understandably, the cops couldn’t keep up and everyone is suffering from this nonsense.

If at all possible, take us back to the old days of the Fourth of July with fireworks at one central location. Las Vegas Motor Speedway’s superspeedway would be an ideal venue for such an event.

Putting the celebrations into the hands of amateurs sure isn’t working out and in fact, the only people winning this insanity are the vendors selling the product and heading to the bank with zillions in profits.

Meanwhile, law enforcement should be sitting near Moapa and Pahrump waiting to pull violators over while also leveling the offenders with huge fines.

Looking at the people in the emergency rooms along with the properties damaged, it’s high time that we do something about an event that has turned into an absolute mess, especially in Las Vegas.

To the Clark County Commission and the Las Vegas City Council, we plead that you address the problem and while you’re at it, take advantage of a cash cow that will add money to your coffers.

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