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Las Vegas Classic Cars
Native Las Vegan Victor Dunn and builder Joe Milot showcase a 1957 Chevrolet truck at their shop.

Native Las Vegan Victor Dunn is a retired police officer from North Las Vegas, who isn’t interested in spending his time sitting around the house. After spending long hours with the department, he admits that being retired isn’t all that it’s cut out to be; and with that in mind, many old-timers turn to classic vehicles.

That said, the 57- year-old spends the majority of his time working on a 1957 Chevrolet pickup. Initially, the idea to get back into the Classic cars came when he teamed with his dad several years ago. With his dad now deceased, Viktor found his latest ’57 Chevrolet after shopping around for several years.

One idea led to another until Victor dove in once again for his second attempt on a classic vehicle.  Now that the ’57 is completed, it spends days at a special location somewhere in the Las Vegas Valley.

After all, classic cars are good for the soul and those of us who sold a classic car way before it’s time could line up from here to Stateline.

Victor scoured car collectors all over the Las Vegas valley and thanks to a collection of friends who assisted in the creation of the ’57 Pickup, he now has his own pit crew that meets with the group several times a week for what has turned out to be some credible work that includes one of the friends – including a great former professional automobile painter (Joe Milot) who joins the group every morning to catch up on various tasks that are needed every morning.

Now that it’s completed, fellow workers get together every morning to show off the breath-taking ’57 and its team of automobile perfectionists gathers to tell details about the Classic Truck and its phenomenal features at a rented space in the Las Vegas Valley.

The ’57 has a long list of precious features included

“I had been looking for another ’57 for quite some time. The MasterMind of the group is most certainly looking for another one of those old cars that has no idea that it will soon be taken from the shop to cruising the streets of Las Vegas.

For Victor, creations such as the ’57 are the result of talented Southern Nevada experts that turn old vehicles into unbelievable showpieces, as evidenced by a one-sheet that includes every single nuance available for the ’57.

A one-sheet discloses every single bolt -on in the business, and Victor admits the creation usually starts out with little ideas that suddenly erupt into automotive irons that look good and sound even better.

“This gets into your blood,” Victor said recently. “One thing starts to another before the final product is so impressive that it could be showcased anywhere in the country”, Victor explained. “We love what we do.”

This  represents the specifics in the 1957 Chevrolet :

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