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Long-time businessman and proprietor Jim Marsh has never been afraid to throw the dice in the car business.

However, Marsh literally gambled when he built the Longstreet Inn and Casino about 100 miles northwest of Las Vegas on Highway 373 west of U.S. Highway 95 on the California state line in Amargosa Valley. A short distance from Death Valley National Park, Marsh was certain that Yucca Mountain would attract hundreds of workers.

Yucca Mountain has not materialized as originally predicted, but Marsh is doing just fine at his oasis in the desert. In fact, his casino is making money without Yucca Mountain, thanks in part to the attraction of Death Valley, which lures visitors from all over the world.

Meanwhile, Yucca Mountain may be receiving new life as evidenced by recent news reports that said President Donald Trump would seek $116 million in licensing for nuclear waste storage at Yucca Mountain.

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