By Mike Henle

Like so many people nowadays, I recently discovered an issue I was having with blood pressure that started to hound me about a year ago.

In order to keep the issue controlled, I started having various tests done before being prescribed a medication. Like every other medication that I have taken over the years, I suffered from side effects and decided to take another route.

We have a vitamin store (The Vitamin Shoppe) not far from our home in southwest Las Vegas. I wandered in one day to ask about an alternative to the prescribed medicine that I was taking for high blood pressure.

The attendant led me to the section in the store that carried a multi-vitamin entitled Pressure-Lo which “supports healthy cardiovascular function.”

To me, anything other than a prescribed medication was worth a try.  With the costs of prescription medicine increasing so dramatically, President Trump has zeroed in on a problem that rivals what the oil industry has done to our country.

At this point, I thought I’d try most anything to rid myself of the prescription medication.

The directions for Pressure-Lo call for a total of six pills a day with food, so I started my new journey.

About two weeks later, I started to notice that my blood pressure had dropped from 160-ish over 90 and higher to just 127 over 70-75.  I had started walking 2-3 miles a day, so I was confident that the increased exercise had at least something to do with the lower blood pressure.

I emailed our friend and registered Dietitian/Nutritionist Julie Usdavin to ask her if she’d check out Pressur-Lo.  Before long, she sent me a response saying that Pressur-Lo had the right ingredients to help lower high blood pressure.

“No, I’m not surprised at all,” she said of Pressure-lo. “I believe that supplements do have a place and can be extremely helpful with certain issues. Herbs really do have powerful benefits in them!”

There’s good reason for Pressure-Lo helping with blood pressure issues.

“In general, the supplement has all the standard vitamins and minerals for general health and well-being,” Julie said. “For example, it has all the B-vitamins, vital for energy and metabolism, electrolytes for fluid balance (magnesium, potassium, and chloride), as well as vital minerals (calcium, iron, and zinc).

“It has other great nutrients for heart health including the CoQ10, Hawthorn berry extract, and the garlic bulb. Hawthorn berry contains two antioxidants (proanthocyanidins and anthocyanidins), which have been known to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, benefitting the heart and vascular system.”

And there’s more. “The supplement also contains Juniper berry, a potent antioxidant that is also beneficial for heart health,” Julie explained.

“The supplement also contains Horsetail leaf extract, which may work as a diuretic to flush out excess sodium and fluids within the body.”

Knowing that my earlier years included being addicted to prescription drugs (epilepsy), I was elated to know that I was off a medication and now taking a much-better alternative.

A highly-respected member of a very respected fraternity of health and nutrition, further information can be found by visiting Usdavin’s Facebook website at; or by visiting

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