Findlay Automotive Group’s new franchise in the Valley Automall has been accepted with open arms since it was introduced earlier this year.

Former major league baseball player Gin Galvan is seen with a 20202 Mazda MX5 Grand Touring at Findlay Mazda in the Valley Automall.

Findlay Mazda in the Valley Automall came on board a few months ago, and former professional baseball player Gin Galvan is happy to be in the big-time of the car business whose baseball career was shortened by an injury while sliding into second base. 

“The injury happened in a small town in Mexico in 1992,” explained Galvan, who is 47 and is now a sales consultant for Findlay Mazda. “Baseball is a game of characters, and I really enjoyed it.  There is no sure thing in professional baseball. You could be on a baseball team to being unemployed. All of a sudden, you’re out of work with nowhere to go. IT’s a great lesson in life. You can go from one extreme to another.”

Galvan could have gone to with anyone in the car business. He chose Findlay Mazda for numerous reasons including the fact that buyers of the product love their new-found vehicle.

“I worked in the car business for 20 years in Southern California. I decided to move to Las Vegas over a year ago. I talked to a lot of car dealers, and started an auto broker business.  I first took a job on the floor.  I had heard great things about the Findlay who said yes to hiring.”

Galvan was encouraged by people in the car business and in fact, the store had a very good Spring.

“I saw an ad in the newspaper business, so I went there and interviewed. Twenty years later, I’m now with Mazda.”

Galvan was a good fit for Findlay Mazda, which is headed by general manager Allen Montalvo.

“He’s one of the reasons why I’m here, and I’m very happy to work for him,” Galvan added.” I always wanted to hit over .330 in baseball, and so I want to sell 20 cars a month — and over.”

The key to representing Findlay Automotive Group is the fact that the Mazda is made in Japan, added Galvan.

“The quality of the build, the fit and the finish are very impressive,” he said. “The quality components are endless with Mazda. It’s affordable luxury. The fit and finish of the car is unbelievable. In addition, it’s rated as one of the most reliable cars in the business.

“Mazda is very low key, but it’s an awesome product. I met my goal the first month I was with Findlay Mazda. People who buy a Mazda fall in love. We have so many new buyers of the Mazda brand. Once they buy a Mazda, they’re hooked.” 

Galvan played for the Mexico City Tigers in 1992 as a centerfielder.

Findlay Mazda is situated at 7760 Eastgate Road in the Valley Automall. Further information can be found at 702-955-5555.

The interior of the 20202 Mada MX5 is showed off by former Major League baseball player Gin Galvin at Findlay Mazda in the Valley Automall.

The dealership is part of Findlay Automotive Group, which was founded by Pete Findlay in 1961. The umbrella of dealerships now includes 32 dealerships in California, Utah, Arizona, Idaho, Idaho and Oregon.

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