Findlay Chevrolet service writer Heather Bobenhausen is seen at the dealership in the southwest valley near the I-215 and South Rainbow.

Findlay  Chevrolet service advisor Heather Bobenhausen remembered her days as a youngster in San Jose, Calif.  Her father owned a transmission shop in the Bay Area. The hours were long, but the satisfaction of learning about rebuilding transmissions was fascinating.

Intrigued by what she saw, Bobenhausen was fascinated in what she discovered in the business. As a little girl, she never forgot the lesson.

When she was 17 years of age in about 1985, Heather went to work for her dad in San Jose, and she never looked back. Working for her father created long lasting memories.

You might say that she was bitten by the bug they call the car business.

“It’s what I know,” she said. “It was a skill that I knew before working for my dad.”

Furthermore, Heather has a knack for making people feel better when a setback like transmission troubles can result in expensive repairs.

“It’s a skill that I enjoy,” she said, adding that compassion is definitely a part of the service business.  “I simply like making people feel better on a bad day.

 “I learned everything from my dad. He was a transmission rebuilder, and he was also someone with a heart.”

The move to Las Vegas was because of new opportunities to open another transmission shop in Las Vegas.

“Originally, we came here for my parents to retire, and I was going along for the ride. “

Bobenhausen has made numerous friends in the car business.

“I can’t imagine doing anything else,” she said. “Also, I’m a big fan of the Findlay family. They treat their employees and their customers all like family.”

   With regards to automotive elements, Heather urges people to take care of their vehicles, especially considering that the heat and cold can create terrible circumstances, if not properly serviced.

“Your vehicle’s reliability starts with proper maintenance,” she said, adding  that  she’s one of only a few female service writers at Findlay Chevrolet. “It gets into your blood; and not just what you do, but who you are.”

Service manager Tony Smith lauds his prize employee.

“Heather is one of those employees that truly cares about her customers and Findlay Chevrolet,” Smiths said. “She will go to great lengths to ensure that her customers are happy.”

Findlay Chevrolet is situated at the 215 and South Rainbow in the southwest valley. The dealership is part of Findlay Automotive Group founded more than 50 years ago by the late Pete Findlay, and now includes 32 dealerships in Nevada, Utah, Oregon, Arizona, Utah and California.

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