Farmers Insurance agent Sunni Boenker is not one who waits for the cause to take place before reacting. In fact, it’s almost as though she is aware of the need before it actually takes place.

Farmers Insurance agent Sunni Boenke is a big believer in helping young people.

A big believer in giving back, her latest cause to support is  entitled “Stepping Stones Foundation” which is among her favorites in Fort Worth, Tex.  While at-needs charities are all over the country, “Stepping Stones Foundation” must be right at the top of the list of people that help young individuals. 

To the energetic and enthusiastic Boenker, supporting Stepping Stones is a natural for those wanting to help young people who are on the right path, but in need of a little guidance during the journey.

Even with her booming business with Farmers Insurance, Boenker wants to step up her efforts at “Stepping Stones.”

Boenker has been reaching out to young people for many years and in short, she’s the first person to tell anyone who will listen that helping Stepping Stones also helps the volunteer at the same time.

In a society that many times includes adults with their own personal problems, reaching out to Stepping Stones has an indirect benefit based on the return. Simply put, watching a young person grow and prosper is a win-win situation.

Proof of that are the endless comments received at “Stepping Stones.”

“We have been taking our little man here for only a few months, but we “LOVE” Stepping Stones Academy. SSA was our home away from home for the past six years. We have been treated with nothing but respect and have loved our interaction with all of the children,” said one individual.

Boenker seems to be a natural when it comes to helping others, and Stepping Stones might as well be her home-away-from-home, considering how often she and her husband will be reaching out to the kids in the future.

Boenker has committed herself to SSF in Keller, Tex., about 10 miles from her Farmers office.

“I only found out about Stepping Stones a short time ago,” she said, adding that she was a foster parent prior. “We have been treated with nothing but respect. They help youth in crisis and I decided I wanted to do more to help them.”

 “Many of the students are youth in crisis,” Boenker explained, adding that students need encouragement throughout the year.  “Most of the kids are in need of jackets during the winter along with some encouragement all year long. Then, too, many kids need shoes.”

Boenker said many of the students at Stepping Stones are in need of everything from clothing to counseling. 

“I cannot wait to start helping them,” she said.

Indeed, Stepping Stones is a home-away-from-home for many kids throughout the year, and Boenker’s enthusiasm and dedication will prove to be an ideal addition.

“It’s a proven fact that young people will many times excel in life when adults reach out to give them some guidance,” said the energetic Boenker. “With all of the problems in society today we sincerely need to be there to provide help, no matter what that need may be.”

Indeed, the insurance business is based on helping people and Boenker has plans for Stepping Stones whether it’s giving clothing to the residents of the area or simply providing a pat-on-the-back at any given time.

Further information can be found by Sunni Boenker at 817-514-7600 or by reaching out to Stepping Stones Foundation at

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