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Borrowing a look at life through the eyes of legendary sportswriter Jimmy Cannon
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Author: Mike Henle
Date: April 12, 2011

Legendary sports writer Jimmy Cannon used to write a column entitled "Nobody asked me but..." I loved the idea back when I was a sports writer at the Las Vegas Review-Journal and still like the idea.

With that, nobody asked me, but...

--- Now that David Rice has been named head basketball coach at UNLV, there seems to be the feeling that Rice's brother, Grant, will oblige by sending top names from Bishop Gorman to the UNLV program. On paper, it all sounds good, but then again so did the idea of players from Findlay Prep automatically signing to play for UNLV.

--- Gossip reporter Alicia Jacobs has departed the scene at KSNV TV-3 leaving the next question of "So, what took so long?"

--- Has anyone other than me ever wondered why in most cases bar codes are placed at the bottom of everything from six packs of beer to 50-pound bags of dog food? If only George Carlin were alive today to address what is undoubtedly one of the most mind-boggling practices in the retail business.

--- I've said it before and I'll say it again. We don't need no damned homeowners association to keep our neighborhood lively, cordial and well-kept - all that without dues, nasty memos posted on the front door, slick-dressed attorneys to give advice and the rest.

--- One of the greatest stories in the automobile business is the resurgence and rebirth of Hyundai.

--- Near and dear to my heart is the success of an epilepsy support group run by Dr. Samir Bangalore and his nurse Lisa Frazier at Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas. The group has grown tremendously in the past couple of years so much so that the annual conference each summer is drawing attention from people all over the country.

--- Thanks to the Bureau of Land Management, pre-running a race course has been outlawed at least in Southern Nevada. That said, you have to admire top competitors like BJ Baldwin and Roger Norman who have jumped to work on course marking crews apparently so that they can get a sneak peek. Considering that both have done well in the Mint 400 after first serving on the course-marking crew, I have to think their involvement is valuable.

--- Considering that the economy in Nevada is the worst in the state's history, the creation of Las Vegas Motor Speedway by Richie Clyne back in 1994 remains one of the most brilliant development stories ever in Southern Nevada considering the immense economic impact the track has had with major NASCAR and NHRA events that started back in 1998.

--- I have yet to meet a veteran of the U.S. Military who is in favor of our involvement in the Middle East - and I have talked to hundreds of them in the past couple of years. Ranging from a former Marine who was on the front line during the invasion of Iraq to soldiers who have served in the confines of bases, no one is in favor of our expensive involvement in an endless war - and yet we're more entrenched than ever before. That said, I'm wondering why veterans have never been queried as to their feelings about the war in the Middle East especially considering that (a) there are surveys on just about everything and (b) it would seem to me that the opinions of veterans should be considered valuable.

--- Situated about 80 miles north of Las Vegas, Mesquite is considered a true treasure complete with incredible golf courses; hotels and casinos; and a following of special events including the Mesquite Amateur Golf Tournament; the World Arm Wrestling Championships which drew more than 1,400 competitors from 40 countries; Mesquite Motor Mania, a haven for gear heads each year with hundreds of show cars; and the recently completed 21st annual Rural Roundup gathering and it's easy to see why the think tank in Mesquite works as hard if not harder than any promotional arm in the country.

--- While I can't help but admire Las Vegas' ability to reinvent itself, for the life of me I cannot understand why someone has not been able to stop the cancer of porn peddlers on the Las Vegas Strip. The practice is not only offensive to visitors but also leaves trash all over the place while remaining one of the worst PR disasters in a city that deserves better. As someone once told me, "If Ralph Lamb was still sheriff, he'd pick them up, throw them all in a bus and leave them at Stateline - no questions asked."


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