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Rhodes Ranch Golf Club hits a hole-in-one with special promotion
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Author: Mike Henle
Date: February 10, 2016

Rhodes Ranch Golf Club offers a brilliant promotion


 I love to play golf and with that in mind, I decided recently to head for the golf course at Rhodes Ranch Golf Club in southwest Las Vegas.

 At my age (65), it's my job to stay active especially when the warning signs start to arise. Exercise is all-important and to me, golf is one of the best ways to keep the devil from beating at my front door.

Every form of golf, especially in Las Vegas, can be very expensive. Even driving ranges can be tough on the overall budget.

 However, I discovered an absolute gold mine recently when I told the group at Rhodes Ranch that I wanted to hit golf balls on the driving range. Before I knew it, I had run into a "swinging" deal that I simply couldn't resist.

As it was explained to me, I could hit all the golf balls I wanted as many times as I wanted in a month's time - for $35. Whether I wanted to hit the driving range early in the morning, middle of the day or end of the afternoon, I was free to roam.

But wait. There's more, as I learned from the young lady behind the counter at Rhodes Ranch.

The $35 charge for the month also includes a free round of golf on a beautiful Par-72 layout.

For the record, a round of golf at Rhodes Ranch is $40. Making the offer even more cool is that I'm now the proud owner of a player's card, so I'm really hanging with the big boys.

I hesitated for a moment to make sure I had heard it right.

And yes, this "swinging" deal also includes a free round of golf. The only requirement is that you start after 2 in the afternoon.

For the record, Rhodes Ranch Golf Club is a Par-72 6,909-yard layout if you're hitting from the black tees, 6,405 yards if you're hitting from the blue tees and 6,009 yards if you're hoping for a hole-in-one from the white tees.

In a city of bargains, this is one of the best-ever. Not only did I find a place to exercise, but I also found a free round of golf as part of the package.

 Meanwhile, I also discovered that about 700 golfers have capitalized on the Arnold Palmer-designed course and its brilliant special promotion.


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