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  Through the Darkness  
Title: Through the Darkness
ISBN: 1-4137-7163-7
Author: Mike Henle
Genre: Reality
Publisher: Publish America
No Of Pages:
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For more than 30 years I was sick. I cannot state the number of times I felt like crawling in a hole, because I was embarrassed by my medical problems. Nobody knew what was wrong, and quite honestly, there were times when I just didnít want to live anymore. It took that long to finally find someone who would not only listen, but also rewire a brain, which had been badly hurt by seizures...

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There are two episodes in my life that I swore I would complete.

First, I was bound and determined that I would find the answer to my health problems. It took me getting knocked to the ground more times than I care to remember, but I didnít give up.

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