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Energetic and young new SNORE president Brittany Burgos leads club into 2012 season opener at Battle
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New Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts President Brittany Burgos sees a big year for SNORE heading into the season opening Battle at Primm Feb. 24-26. She is shown receiving Denny Selleck/Don Dayton award from former winner John Pellissier.

The Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts – known simply as SNORE in off-road racing – has a new president and a promising future heading into the club’s first race of the 2012 race season.

At the helm of the 42 year-old club is Brittany Burgos, a young and energetic off-road enthusiast with a radiant smile, unmatched enthusiasm and an element of expertise that has generated a huge following in a very short period of time.

SNORE’s first race of the year – the annual Battle at Primm Feb. 24-26 about 30 miles south of Las Vegas – is expected to draw more than 225 entries.

In addition, SNORE has announced several new sponsors that have produced a blockbuster six-race series in 2012 worth more than $100,000 in prize money. Sonoco became the latest partner in an agreement that makes the company the official fuel of SNORE while also providing a lucrative “Sunoco Bonus Bucks” program that adds $6,000 to the SNORE prize fund.

“This is going to be a very exciting year,” said Burgos, a 2006 graduate of Centennial High School in Las Vegas. “While it’s true that we had our challenges in 2011, we’re all anticipating that 2012 could very well end up being the best-ever year in the four decades SNORE has been a part of off-road racing.”

Perhaps one of the biggest questions is based on why Burgos would want to take on the monumental task of leading SNORE; when she could have had as much – if not more – fun riding in a race car or serving on a pit crew of the sport she loves. There is no pay for serving as president of SNORE.

“I fell in love with SNORE at very young age,” she said. “That love of the club has carried over for many years and I want to see the club succeed in 2012.

“I’m extremely organized and have worked in the various aspects of SNORE including signups; timing; staging; race logistics and planning,” said the native of Las Vegas whose family has been in Southern Nevada for more than five decades. “I have also raced in classes 1450 and 7, too, so I understand that part of the sport, too.”

Perhaps one of Burgos’s big strong points is her understanding of the Bureau of Land Management, which governs usage of desert lands.

“For 2012, we have the strongest relationship with the BLM that SNORE has had in a long time,” she said.

Burgos is also quick to point out that the SNORE memberships has been incredibly supportive not only for her; but also in helping attract the much-needed addition of additional sponsorships.

“Coming off what some will call a tough year in 2011, the entire SNORE organization has come together and rallied on making our organization the best it could be in 2012,” she said. “We could not be where we are today without everyone’s help and dedication.”

In addition, the fact that SNORE now has a woman running the club is certainly unique.

“There certainly are not many women running a race organization,” Burgos said. “I have a lot to prove. There may be many people who question my ability, but I promise I will have gained most everyone’s confidence when we’re done with season.”

The success of the Rage at the River event in 2011 was pivotal in SNORE’s start to a great season in 2012, Burgos added.

 “Going into the Rage of the River there were many expectations to be met,” she said. “By the time the green flag dropped, the happiness was evident among all of us. There could not have been a better way to end the year.”

In speaking with several members of SNORE, it is obvious that Burgos has strong support from the club’s membership.

“She will do just fine,” said Kenny Freeman, whose family was involved in the creation of SNORE and who also will serve as race director in 2012. “Brittany has the support of the membership and all of us have been amazed at how quickly she has rallied the troops.”

 “I think she has already done an amazing job,” said Burgos’s mother, Debbie. “She has been behind the scenes for the past seven years and knows the inner workings. Her passion is unlike any other. She has the racer’s best interest in mind. There is no hidden agenda at all with her. She wants what is the best for the racers.

“This has given many other women someone to look up to in what is a predominately man’s sport. Racers truly look to her as a leader.”

Steve Olliges, president of Team Ford Lincoln and also a long-time off-road racer, agreed that Burgos will do well.

“She is extremely smart when it comes to off-road racing,” said Olliges, a 48-year old who has lived in Las Vegas for more than 40 years. “Her heart is in the right spot. Whether it was watching her line up cars at one in the morning or having her come up to my window at 6:30 in the morning, she is always there. She is as bubbly as ever and loves the sport. She is also a racer, so she understands the sport from all sides including that of a a competitor; as an enthusiast, a promoter and now president of SNORE. She doesn’t get frazzled and people appreciate that.”

The remainder of the 2012 SNORE season will include the PCI Race Radios 300 in Ridgecrest, Calif., April 13-15; the Dusty Times 250 in Caliente, Nev. June 8-10; the KC HiLites Midnight Special Sept.7-9 in Lucerne, Calif.; the SNORE 250 Oct. 26-28 in Pahrump; and the Rage at the River Dec. 7-9 in Laughlin, Nev.

Further information regarding snore can be found by visiting

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