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“This is the first time in American history that a bunch of rich white men want a black man's job.“
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Utah's State Route 14 might make for a great hill climb considering its challenges, cliffs, and boul
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State Route 14 from Cedar City to Duck Creek in Southern Utah is so challenging that it might be better served as as hill climb. For sure, you don't want to be in the right lane when the road suddenly disappears.

Listen up, all you thrill seekers. If you’re bored with the lack of things to do over the summer, don’t worry.

I have just the ticket for you along with an idea that could make the state of Utah a bunch of money at the same time with a unique marketing and public relations idea.

See, while taking State Route 14 east from Cedar City the other day, I watched in horror as a guy in front of us reached Mile Marker 17 about 12 miles west of Duck Creek. At the last second, the guy swerved to the left as he avoided a frightening drop in the road which also just happens to no guard rail.

Honestly, the guy was so aggressive that he seemed to pull the right front wheel of his Dodge Charger off the ground attempting to avoid a six-inch drop in the road that must be about 25 yards long. Worse yet, the fall off the right side of this thrill ride is so far down that you can’t even see the bottom.

Mind you, this is nothing unusual since an underground creek eats away at the road throughout the year and it’s even more evident considering that there was record moisture during the winter months. Road workers commonly fill up the massive hole, patch it with tar and simply sit back on their heavy equipment waiting for the next erosion and drop to take place.

Folks who have been around Southern Utah for any time at all say the road is so bad that it actually went off the cliff in full several years ago. That we know of, nobody was on top when the road disappeared although it could take years to find anyone by the time they quit rolling somewhere north of Hurricane.

The near mishap got me thinking considering that the website recently released the worst roads in America. Utah – or at least State Route 14 – was nowhere to be found. I mean, if you haven’t been on State Route 14 especially during a winter snowstorm, you haven’t experienced anything as near death as this thing.

You might have never taken a drop of alcohol in your life, but 20 minutes on SR 14 could turn you into an alcoholic. You’d be tearing through the first refrigerator in Duck Creek looking for a cold beer to settle your nerves.

Oh, I know. You have experienced the greatest thrill rides in the country including roller coasters, the Big Shot at the Stratosphere in Vegas and the jumps of off road races in Mexico or Southern Nevada. Nothing scares you.

But State Route 14 will get you, if nothing else will. See, about 11 miles west of the Great Drop Off there’s a massive slide area that has so much movement that you can watch boulders the size of houses move on a daily basis. In the words of one Duck Creek developer, going through the slide area is like running across a bunch of bowling lanes during a tournament.

That said, I have an idea that would bring money and attention to Southern Utah like no other promotion. Colorado has Pike’s Peak Hill Climb and I’m thinking Cedar Mountain should have the same with auto racing enthusiasts from all over the nation heading for the base of the mountain before making the 29-mile uphill dash to Duck Creek.

Call it the Duck Creek Dash for Cash and throw in a good payday and we’d have entrants lined up all the way to St. George. NASCAR driver Kyle Busch got nailed the other day for going 128 mph on a North Carolina road with a 45 mile per hour speed limit and he could get the ultimate thrill without worrying about getting a ticket.

This would be like no other racing event in the country and with the dangerous conditions somebody would undoubtedly en-do their vehicle somewhere with footage so spectacular that we’d instantly think about the guy going off the ski jump during the old days of ABC’s Wide World of Sports. Thousands of fans and thrill seekers from all over the world would flood Southern Utah just like the Olympics did for Northern Utah.

There would be some requirements of vehicles, though. See, we would still need a roll cage to protect us near the land slide area, and this time we would also need ejection seats equipped with parachutes for when drivers got to Mile Marker 17 traveling at Mach 1.

If the road let go again, we’d probably never find their cars, but with a little wind from the north, we could see the driver landing in the lake south of the road in no time. The footage from the action would be world wide and undoubtedly help the economy in Utah which has been in failing health lately.

I already have the theme for the event.

The Duck Creek Dash where you stick your foot to the floor and one of two things happen. You either win or you die.


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