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The whole Davidson family is converging on SNORE's second race of the year in Ridgecrest, Calif
Featured Photo
The Davidson family will converge on the annual SNORE Motion Tire Ridgecrest 300 April 12-13 in Southern California. From left, Kurt Davidson Jr., Beans Davidson, Jacob Davidson and Kurt Davidson Sr. Jacob Davidson leads the SNORE Terrible Herbst Garage Championship series after one race.

A Class 9 driver is off to a great start in the  Terrible Herbst Motorsports Garage Championship series heading into SNORE’s Motion Tire Ridgecrest 300 April 12-13.

Young charger Jacob Davidson picked up 772 points in the season-opening Beehive Sports Bar Battle at Primm Feb. 22-24 at Primm, Nev., and his performance in a very competitive class has certainly caught the attention of the off-road racing fraternity.

Since its inception back in 1969, SNORE has had several Class 9 drivers collect the overall championship. The list of winners is impressive and includes the likes of the late Luther Kutcher along with Bryan Pennington.

And you can bet that Davidson, a 21 year-old Central Valley, Calif., air conditioning technician, would love to add his name to the list of champion Class 9 champions when SNORE wraps up its 2013 season later this year.

Granted, one race only accounts for a fraction of SNORE’s six-race series, but Davidson is going to give it his all after a sparkling effort to kick off the season. A former desert motorcycle competitor, he’s all-in during the effort to collect SNORE’s cash prize, which is certainly significant.

“Everything went very smooth in the first race,” said Davidson, who beat talented competitor Harley Young by only 37 seconds in a huge field of 29 Class 9 entries at Primm. “It was a very clean race all day long and we had no issues. We had a minor repair on the front end and we got hit one time, but other than that, everything went well.”

With a great attitude and huge support from his family, Davidson doesn’t hesitate when discussing his goal.

“Oh yeah, we’re going for the championship,” he said knowing full-well that Class 9 has high numbers and excellent competition. “The car isn’t even mine.  It’s owned by my dad Kurt and my brother, Kurt, Jr. and my youngest brother, Beans.”

In fact, the Davidson family is coming in full force for the Ridgecrest event.

“We will be running two cars at Ridgecrest,” Davidson said. “Kurt will running the “Flagship” while I’ll be running the “Red Headed Step Child.”

When discussing his biggest competition, Davidson quickly adds that it’s his brother who will be among his biggest challengers.

“He can definitely kick some butt when he’s not too busy keeping his camera clean,’ Davidson said of his brother. “He has been racing since 2005 and he has quite a few years of experience and seat time over me.

“Ridgecrest is all new to me, but Kurt has raced it so he has an advantage.”
Davidson’s efforts have been helped by sponsorships from Mohr Performance, Transaxle engineering, Doug Silcock and Purls Sheet Metal and Air conditioning.

The course at Ridgecrest is situated near China Lake Naval Base in northeastern Kern County in Southern California. It consists of significant challenges including huge rocks reminiscent of the old Wild West movies from decades ago.

With four surrounding mountain ranges, the area includes the Sierra Nevada on the west; the Cosos on the north; the Argus Range on the east; and the El Paso Mountains on the south. Situated approximately 82 miles from the Lancaster/Palmdale area, Ridgecrest is about 145 miles from Bakersfield and San Bernardino.

SNORE officials said 93 drivers were pre-entered earlier in the week for the event that is that is wildly-accepted each year. The event is scheduled to begin at 8 a.m. Saturday.

Last year’s event at Ridgecrest was won by hard-charging Mike Voudouris of Austin, Tex., who captured the SNORE PCI Radios 300 Saturday in a classic showdown that included a three vehicle race down to the wire.

Voudouris, driving a Trophy Truck prepared by Collins Motorsports, had
a five-lap wining time of 5 hours, 18.50 minutes to beat the No. 105 Class 1 car of the husband and wife team of Kelly and Tom Mather of Ridgecrest, Calif., with a time of 5:20.09.

Voudouris will return to defend his title this year.

Adam and Terry Householder finished third at 5:21.50 in one of SNORE's all time close finishes.

Further information regarding SNORE can be found by visiting

Pit Notes

--- SNORE’s dedicated club members numbering about 15 headed for Ridgecrest last week to mark the course, which covers 52 miles. Of the total, approximately 15 miles is different from last year’s event.

--- The Terrible Herbst Motorsports Garage points fund continues to grow thanks to the strong field of entries SNORE has attracted through the first part of the year. By the end of the year, the end-of-the-year banquet should boast of a total purse of about $30,000.

--- The field in Ridgecrest will include a list of very strong competitors including Tom Koch, who owns an automotive recycling plant in Ridgecrest. A former winner of the both the Mint 400 and SNORE 250, he will compete in a Class 1 at Ridgecrest.

--- Among the top Class 10 chargers will be Las Vegas driver Sammy Ehrenberg, who will race in a very competitive class that will also feature names such as fellow Las Vegan Cody Freeman. 

--- One of the top classes will be 1600 which will include drivers such as Justin Smith of San Clemente, Calif.; Rick Boyer, of Bakersfield, Calif.; and Las Vegas drivers James Dean, Darin Anderson, Bryan Freeman and Blaine Conrad.

Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts
2013 Terrible Herbst Garage Championship

Pro Standings

Class 1 – 1. Tony Murray 672; 2. Pat Dean 610; 3. Richard Boyle 573; 4. Tony Nguyen 570; 5.  Brad Vicic 430; 6. tie between Tom Mather Jr. and Allen Cluck,  335 each.

Class 7 – 1. Keith Minnicks 660; 2. Larry Shiells 606; 3. Frank Napoli 469; 4. Mike Koenig 448; 5. Broc Hersam 340.

Class 9 – 1. Jacob Davidson 772; 2. Harley Young 739; 3. Kyle Vizzo 672; 4. Christopher DeSousa Dias 652; 5. Ron Rash 632; 6. Jorge Ventura 612; 7. Kurt Davidson Jr. 602; 8. Brandon Heald 600; 9. Dan Bergen 582; 10. Travis Staley 572.

Class 10 – 1. Michael LaPaglia 725; 2. Cody Freeman 670; 3. Cody Jeffers 615; 4. Sammy Ehrenberg 595; 5. Patrick Gailey 575; 6. Roger Starkey 525; 7. John Hsu 555; 8. Jason Saran 545; 9. Frank Baird 535; 10. James Dean 415.

Class 11 – 1. Scott Wisdom 688; 2. Michael Brenner 622; 3. Robert Johnson 590; 4. Dennis Sletten 580; 5. Chris Anderson 573; 6. Gregory Piraino 520; 7. Jason Gutzmer 410; 8. Michael Cote 400; 9. David Hendrickson 30.

Class 12 – 1. Randy Jones 697; 2. Michael Benedict 670; 3. Justin Davis 580; 4. Beau Rash 568;  Todd Stemmerman 540; 6. Ken Tapert 470; 7. Justin Buckey 410; 8. Bob Dziuawiec 400; 8. Kyle Cox 340.

Class 18 – 1. Thomas Morales 648; 2. Dustin Hellstrom 498; 3. John Pellissier 390.

Class 3000 – 1.  Eric Trondle 675; 2. Dana Dague 605; 3. Allan Lee 571; 4. Neal Drickey 545; 5. Anthony Kilian 425; 6. Mike VanNewkirk 347.

Class 1-2 1600 – 1. Luke McMillin 767; 2. Bryan Freeman Sr. 749; 3. Justin Smith 713; 4. Jason Coleman 643; 5. Kurt Geer 623; 6. Jordan Poole 603; 7. Lorenzo Rodriguez 593; 8. tie between Corey Torres and Blaine Conrad, 583 each; 10. Darin Anderson 573.

Class 5 Unlimited – 1. Scott Wagstaff 582; 2. Carl Rohrer 344.

Class 5B – 1. Vic Bruckmann 707; 2. A.J Martin 634; 3. Zac Reish 594; 4. Billy Gereghty 570; 5. Scott Moldenhauer 550; 6. Ben Swift 530; 7. Todd McMinimen 520; 8. Chris Lazenby 510; 9. Steven Hall 390; 10. Jim Varshay 340.

Class 5-1600 – 1. Raul Solano 673; 2. David Hendrickson 608; 3. Mark Lundberg 560; 4. Jeff Goorsky 440; 5. Chris Sarris 340.

Heavy Metal – 1. Joe Patelli 631; 2. Joey Diaz 349.
Stock Full – Steve Schwab 511.

7S – Nick Lantz 511.

Unlimited Truck – 1. Justin Davis 713; 2. Jake Povey 615; 3. Jim Price 575; 4. Nathan McBride 555; 5. Jonathan Swift 537; 6. TJ Flores 455; 7. George Pondella 340.

Sportsman Classes

Class 1450 1. Steve Olliges 873; 2. Ryan Dunn 742; 3. Darren Parsons 702; 4. Brad DeBerti 682; 5. Josh Taylor 662; 6. Nick Tonelli 662; 7. Chris Isenhouer 632; 8. Mike Koenig 622; 9. Juan Carlos Calderon 612.

Class 2000 – 1. Kevin McKeown 680; 2. Trevor Messina 639; 3. Vievin Baugh  628; 4, Kevin Benali 460; 5. Jeremy Henderson 440.

Limited Sportsman – 1. Bree Cloud 747; 2. Bre Bradley 635; 3. Michael Brister 597; 4. Dave Nelson 585; 5. Desirae Jones 575.

Unlimited Sportsman – 1. Scott Rasmussen 689; 2. Dean Defreeze 612; 3. Johnny Burns 570.

Next race: Motion Tire Ridgecrest 300, Ridgecrest, Calif., April 12-14.
Further information:


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