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Mesquite Motor Mania expected to draw more than 600 vehicles and their drivers from several states
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Mesquite Motor Mania invades the city of its name about 80 miles north of Las Vegas Jan. 14-16.

More than 600 drivers and their classic cars from several states will gather for the third annual Mesquite Motor Mania car show Jan. 14-16.

Sponsored by the Mesquite Resort Association, the event offers more than 260 trophies along with $15,000 for participants. Last year’s event drew entries from as far away as New York and Hawaii.

Mesquite Motor Mania has become a must-see no matter what challenges face the car enthusiasts who have found the event so enjoyable.

Among last year’s winners who are studying the idea of coming back to Mesquite Motor Mania is Brian Bates, who owns a ’69 Ford Mach I which won the burnout contest last year. The only problem this year might be the excessive snow that the Bates family has seen at their residence in Duck Creek, Utah.

"If we can get out off the mountain, we will be there to burn our tires up,” said Lisa Bates.

"I survived the blizzard of 1978 in Rhode Island, so we’re used to our latest weather. Being up here in the mountains is old hat. Last year was our second year, and we will do everything in our power to have the Mach I in Mesquite."

“We brought our grand children last year, and they had a blast.”

The Bates family barely made it home last year surviving State Route 14 east from Cedar City, Utah.

“We hit a storm and barely got the car in the garage,” Mrs. Bates said. “The next morning we had four feet of snow on the ground.”

Gary Reid, 51, is planning to bring two vehicles to the event.

“I’m bringing an electric trike called the Wind Jammer along with my hot rod wagon that I call the Rat Fink Flyer,” said Reid, who attended Mesquite Motor Mania for the first time in 2010. “Last year was a good cheap getaway and there were $10 rooms last year. It was really cool to walk out of our room and see our car right outside our doorway.”

Reid said the cruise up and down the main street in Mesquite along with the burnout contest makes for a great weekend getaway.

“There are cars from Vegas, California and Utah,” said Reid. “It’s a great chance to get out of Vegas for a low amount of money. We had a blast last year.”

Frank Roberts, known in the classic car business a “Magoo,” said he’s going to attend Mesquite Motor Mania to stir up business for his pin striping business.

“I have been to some of the other Mesquite Motor Mania events,” said Roberts, who has lived in Las Vegas 47 years. “This is a different car show and the fact that it’s in Mesquite makes it neat. It’s still in Nevada and it attracts from other areas. There are people who won’t go to Las Vegas who will go to Mesquite. This event draws the Arizona crowd, and it’s more of a laid-back event.”

Mesquite Motor Mania will be presented at the CasaBlanca, Virgin River, Oasis and Eureka hotel casinos. Special events including the slow drags, burnouts and roaring engines will all be held at the CasaBlanca.

Black Gaming Sporting Event Manager Christian Adderson said Tuesday that car enthusiasts can register for Mesquite Motor Mania as late as the start of the show.

Also scheduled on the same weekend is the $5,000 Smokin’ Big Chili Challenge at the CasaBlanca, along with a pair of golf tournaments benefiting the Mesquite Cancer Help Society.



“This is a fun weekend to come to Mesquite and check out some great classic cars along with world championship chili and play golf,” said Adderson.

Further information can be found at,; or by calling Adderson at 888-711-4653, ext. 51.


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