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Clark County Commissioner Steve Sisolak works to remove smut/porn peddlers from streets of Las Vegas
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A smut/porn peddler works the Las Vegas Strip pushing literature offering illicit activity on visitors. Clark County Commissioner Steve Sisolak, no stranger to fighting issues, has pledged to remove the peddlers.

Earlier this year, President Barack Obama was chastised for saying that people should be careful before spending money on a trip to Las Vegas.

All hell broke loose as politicians and some members of the media verbally attacked Obama for supposedly deterring conventions from coming to the city.

However, there is a greater deterrent to tourists coming to Las Vegas than Obamaís remarks. While Obama was simply trying to warn Americans to be cautious with their spending habits, we have a bigger problem that is keeping visitors out of Las Vegas.

OK, Obama should have used another city in his analogy, but we have bigger problems in Las Vegas based on the fact that people may not come back because they are tired of the in-your-face methods used by porn peddlers who literally attack tourists walking down Las Vegas Boulevard or along Paradise Road.

The peddlers force literature which essentially promotes prostitution through cards showing women while including a phone number to call. The practice is not only wrong but offensive and downright dangerous. The literature ends up on the streets, and combines to create a massive public relations problem for Las Vegas.

I have seen the porn peddlers in action even shoving their literature into the purses of women walking down the street by themselves. I have also seen them shove the literature on men who just happened to be walking alongside their wives.

Look, Iím no prude for damned sure, but the fact of the matter is that we have offensive, crude and downright sickening behavior that is being practiced by hundreds of porn peddlers. It is not discreet behavior by any means, but rather a practice that insults even the most open-minded people on earth.

And Iím ashamed that good-hearted visitors of our city are being subjected to a practice that should not be allowed in Las Vegas and probably would not be allowed in a ďnormalĒ city elsewhere in this country.

Hotel mogul Steve Wynn has complained and so has Jan Jones of Harrahís. Both Wynn and Jones have every right to be irritated along with every single tourist who has been the recipient of a despicable practice.

In speaking with a police officer recently, even the cops are literally handcuffed from making arrests of porn peddlers. The First Amendment is alive and well and Las Vegas is dying a slow death because of it.

From what former Sherriff Bill Young once told me, some attorneys are having a field day defending the rights of the porn peddlers.

STEVE SISOLAK - Clark County Commissioner takes on another issue

Now Clark County Commissioner Steve Sisolak has entered the fray saying that his intention is to require licensing of the porn peddlers thereby regulating their practice and hopefully outlawing them all together. While others like Wynn and Jones have voiced their concerns, Sisolak may be the one who can actually get something done thanks to the fact that he is a member of the Clark County Commission.

A native of Milwaukee, Wis, Sisolak is a good guy and heís not afraid to take on controversial topics as evidenced by what he has done by criticizing fire fighters and their refusal to recognize that weíre in budget-tightening times.

Someone with horsepower needs to take a stand and I have the feeling that Sisolak will pursue the porn peddler issue. Since taking office in January of 2009, he has tackled more issues than some politicians in an entire career.

Reminds me of a talk I had with Darwin Lamb, a former Las Vegan who now lives in Cedar City, Utah. Darwin told me his brother Ralph, the sheriff in Clark County from 1962-80, would simply round up the porn peddlers in a bus and ship them out of town.

Frankly, I love what Ralph Lamb would have done. Lamb would have taken a little heat for his decision, but I have a feeling he would have shrugged his shoulders and done what needed to be done to protect Las Vegas and the many tourists who love the city.

Truth be known, if I was subjected to behavior now allowed in Las Vegas, I would not come back. There are way too many alternatives to Las Vegas ranging from San Francisco to Atlanta to Seattle to Dallas and more.

So hats off to Steve Sisolak who is demanding accountability for a practice where many are making big money while damaging Las Vegas at the same time. Cops want to do something but canít, residents of Las Vegas are embarrassed and visitors darned sure deserve better.

May this practice of porn peddling be ceased immediately especially during the worst recession in Nevadaís history.

If not, letís find Ralph Lamb before itís too late.



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