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Mesquite Motor Mania car show draws more than 800 entries from 15 states including New York, Hawaii
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Mesquite Motor Mania attracted more than 800 entries from 15 states including New York and Hawaii.

More than 800 drivers and their classic cars from 15 states including Hawaii and New York converged on four Mesquite hotel properties last weekend for the annual Mesquite Motor Mania 2010 car show.

During tough economic times, Mesquite Motor Mania packed the city about 80 miles northeast of Las Vegas. In addition, the giant event took hundreds back to the good ol’ days when gas was cheap, times were fun and music was highlighted by groups including the Beach Boys, the Beatles and the Dave Clark Five, to name a few.

“As I was walking around looking at all of the vehicles, it struck me that a thank you just wasn’t enough,” Mesquite Mayor Susan Holecheck told a capacity crowd in Sunday’s awards ceremony presented in the CasaBlanca Showroom. “This is an incredible show and all of us in Mesquite appreciate what you have done for this city.

“It sure brought back memories for me, that’s for sure. Mesquite Motor Mania was a lesson in love because you can see all the love and car people put into their cars. I’m just glad that Mesquite was the recipient of the lesson of love. If only the automobile manufacturers had worried less about how many models they were going to build and stuck with models of distinction, they would be in less of a pickle as they are now.”

Mayor Holecheck’s praises were echoed by many others including Duck Creek, Utah resident Brian Bates, who won the burnout contest Saturday afternoon in a beautiful ’69 Mustang Mach One to Mesquite.

Duck Creek, Utah’s Brian Bates won the burnout contest in a ’69 Mustang Mach One during Mesquite Motor Mania Saturday.

“I will definitely be back next year,” said Bates, who pulled his classic vehicle out of a garage and through ice to make the trip. “I was involved in the first Super Run at the Tropicana in Las Vegas in the mid-80s and this show is awesome.”

Bates raced out of the CasaBlanca Sunday headed back to Duck Creek, which was due for one of the area’s biggest storms. With a 685-horsepower 427 cubic inch Bill Mitchell engine under the hood, his trek through St. George and Cedar City before heading east on treacherous Highway 14 would undoubtedly prove to be a memorable cap to a great weekend.

Bates was followed to Mesquite by fellow Duck Creek residents Rebecca and Andy Osterhout along with the couple’s three young children ages 19 months to seven years.

“It was a great show,” Rebecca said. “We’ll be back.”

Andy Osterhout, a former U.S. Marine, loved Mesquite Motor Mania.

“We just wanted to get away,” said the 31 year-old handyman orginally from New York. “It was great to see all the American muscle cars.”

City of Las Vegas engineer Gary Reid brought his bubble top Chevrolet Corvette to the event.

A flame-throwing Rat Rod lights up the skies on the grounds of the CasaBlanca Resort during Mesquite Motor Mania last weekend.

“We saw the $11 room rate at the Oasis and I told my wife, Royina, we had to go to Mesquite,” said Reid, 50. “Mesquite is a lot like Las Vegas was 25 years ago.”

Mrs. Reid added, “This was a wonderful car show. Now it’s time for me to go the spa."

“I really like it because it’s a quick little ride and we enjoy getting out of the house,” said Dwight Melvin, whose ’50 Chevy Fleetline with a 283 power plant drew looks all weekend.”

Melvin, a 59 year-old native of North Las Vegas and a true car guy, has been to car shows all over the Southwest and he considered Mesquite Motor Mania one of the best. He was joined by his wife of 36 years, Ruth.

"We'll be back next year, for sure," he said.

Boulder City resident Bruce Bartlett, 65, displayed a ’65 Top Fuel Dragster.

“This is a great venue,” Bartlett said. “I’m sure it’s going to grow even more as the economy levels out.”

The event presented in conjunction by the Las Vegas Cruisin’ Association along with the Mesquite Resort Association, provided $15,000 in guaranteed purse to the top show cars.

Mesquite Motor Mania 2010 - Car Show - Top Awards


Mayor Susan Holechecks’s Pick

M0238 – Bill Paul – 1911 Cadillac  Gentlemans Roadster  Spring Creek, NV

CasaBlanca Hotel Casino Pick

M0436 – Robert Wilson – 1956 Chevy – Bel Air – Yellow/White

CasaBlanca Hotel Casino Pick

M0333 – Shannon / Arnel Ganotice – 1969 Chevy - Camaro

CasaBlanca Hotel Casino Pick

M0609 – Ken Van Lul – 1963 Chevy – Corvette - Silver

Oasis Resort Casino Pick

M0439 – Jack Biges – 1952 chevy – 2 Door - Red

Oasis Resort Casino Pick

M0590 – Rick Nicholes – 1957 Chevy – Truck – Black/Red

Oasis Resort Casino Pick

M0157 – Robert Dodge – 1928 Ford – Firetruck

Virgin River Hotel Casino Pick

M0783 – Ken & Cindy Lorenz – 1957 Ford – Custom 300 - Grey

Virgin River Hotel Casino Pick

M0253 – John & Tonya Arnold – 1972 Chevy – C10 – Candy Apple Red

Virgin River Hotel Casino Pick

M0283 – Scott & Cynthia McLeod – 1965 Ford – Mustang Fast Back

Eureka Casino Hotel Pick

M0752 – Dixon & B J Hollingshead – 1956 Ford – Pick-Up - White

Eureka Casino Hotel Pick

M0407 – George & Tina Sicuranzo – 1957 Ford – T-bird - Red

Eureka Casino Hotel Pick

M0771 – Carl Hastings – 1990 Chevy – Corvette Coupe - Green




Ladies Choice”

(Award plus $100)

M0779 – Ron Murrill – 1933 Ford – Victoria – Red/Orange


Awards Plaque plus $100 Cash


“Kids Favorite”

(Award plus $100)

M0516 – Chuck Sveda – 1956 Ford – F100 Tow Mater


Awards Plaque plus $100 Cash



Awards Plaque plus $200 Cash Awards




“Best Use of Chrome”

M0432 – Bill Williams – 1932 Ford Roadster - Black




Awards Plaque plus $200 Cash


“Outstanding Paint Award”

M0596 – Richard Graese – 1941 Ford Business Coup - Tangerine




Awards Plaque plus $200 Cash


“Outstanding Engine Award”

M0222 – George Thompson – 1923 Ford T-Bucket




Awards Plaque plus $200 Cash


“Best Engineered Award”

M0652 – Trent Hanna – 1967 Ford Mustang – Yellow/Black




Awards Plaque plus $200 Cash


“Hottest Flames”

M0581 – Jay Sisson – 1951 Mercury 2 Door - Orange




Awards Plaque plus $200 Cash


“Coolest Car Award”

M0519 – Joe & Diane Hudson – 1932 Ford 3 Window Coupe - Tangerine




Awards Plaque plus $200 Cash


“Sanitary Award”

M0745 – Charlie Tachdjian – 1932 Ford Fusion




Awards Plaque plus $200 Cash


“Hot Stuff Award”

M0680 – Joe Dominguez – 1966 Chevy – Chevelle - Orange




Awards Plaque plus $200 Cash




(Award Plaque plus $1,000 Cash)


M0575 – Dee Barnes – 1949 Ford Convertible – Orange    Henderson, Nevada



(Award Plaque plus $2,000 Cash)


M0433 – Bill Williams – 1941 Willy’s Coupe – Black & Flag     West Valley,  Utah



(Award Plaque plus $3,000 Cash)


M0514 – Jay Page – 1963 Ford – Falcon Wagon – Green    Riverton, Utah


Contacts: Mike Henle, The Idea Company Public Relations, 702-279-3483; Christian Adderson, 888-711-4653, ext. 51.

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