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Steeple added to Duck Creek Community Church
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DUCK CREEK, Utah -- You might say that the icing has been added on the cake here after an impressive steeple was placed atop Duck Creek Community Church on the northern edge of this areaís meadow.

"Itís cool, really cool," beamed church pastor Steve Altig adding that the 30-foot steeple now brings the churchís overall height to 70 feet. ďWith the electrical in the middle of the steeple, we have chimes than can now be heard all across the meadow.

"In fact, the people south of us have said they want to be able to hear the chimes."

Altig said the addition of the steeple required about eight people all of whom donated their time for the project.

Among the key personnel were civil engineer Chuck Brechler; Altigís wife, Bonnie; businessman Dennis Phelps, who owns Harmony Construction in Enoch; and Big 4 Development, which builds cabins in Southern Utah.

Bonnie Altig and Brechler designed the steeple. Brechler applied his engineering expertise and the rest of the volunteers joined hands to assemble the steeple in three segments.

Big 4 was a huge help providing the crane needed during the assemblage process.

"The addition of the steeple makes the church a real part of the community," Altig said.

"Itís now a landmark and weíre so proud of how it all turned out."
Altig said the next project for the church will be the completion of churchís kitchen.

"This church is unique," Altig added. "I canít find another one like it anywhere."

Duck Creek Community Church has a capacity of 225. Among the special events have been two concerts.

One concert was with world-famous pianist and organist Krill Gliadkofsky who later returned with his wife, Anna, and daughter Anasstasia; who played a patriotic themed concert for the church. Both concerts were conducted during the summer of this year.
In addition, Dr. Xun Sun brought his family which played a concert that included violin, cello and piano performances.

"All of the performers we have had are from the music department of Southern Utah University," explained Altig, a native of California. "We have a very good working relationship with the college and every one of the concerts is incredible."

Further information can be found at

Duck Creek Community Church had its first public meeting June 1, 2003 before receiving its Certificate of Occupancy in September of 2008.

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March 07, 2011 Andrew Hall wrote:
Great article Mike. Had me laughing through the whole story.

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