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Exotics Racing at LVMS adds ground thundering 2014 Corvette Stingray from Findlay Chevrolet
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Exotics Racing, which is situated at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, added a 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray from Findlay Chevrolet to its fleet of supercars. Exotics has purchased several vehicles from the dealership situated at 6800 S. Torrey Pines Blvd. in the southwest valley.

When French businessman David Perisset of Exotics Racing arrived at McCarran Airport from France five years ago, he envisioned a need for an attraction for automotive enthusiasts.

The end result was a driving experience unlike any other at Las Vegas Motor Speedway with a fleet of lightning-fast vehicles including a 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray purchased from Findlay Chevrolet.

 “They just started going around automobile dealerships to see what was available,” explained Findlay Chevrolet Sales Manager Doug Fleming adding that Exotics has purchased several vehicles from the dealership. “A salesman sent them to me and we just hit it off.”

Before long, Perisset and partner and French racing legend Romain Thievin were not only customers of Findlay Chevrolet, but also friends in yet another example how the car business often leads to relationships.

“We are honored to be associated with a group as highly-respected as Exotics Racing,” Fleming continued. “Everyone has a dream of driving exotic cars and they make this dream a reality. The experience is even better when it’s done in a Stingray.”

For decades, General Motors has produced classic automobiles with big-time horsepower, excellent handling and a design that turns heads on every street.

In short, the Stingray looks like it’s moving when it’s sitting at an intersection. Classic Stingrays are cool and so are the newly-designed models that are sold off showroom floors before the attendants have time to add the finishing touches.

With a seven-speed manual transmission or a six-speed automatic transmission, the Stingray’s Gen 4 L7 engine generates 455 horsepower. The six-speed transmission provides the convenience of hands-free shifting with paddle shifters.

Working with Findlay Chevrolet has been a great experience for Exotics Racing.

“We have been purchasing and servicing all of our Corvettes at Findlay Chevrolet since the inception of Exotics Racing five years ago,” said Stephan Legrand, director of communications for the company. “They have been great partners, with an unmatched level of professionalism and efficiency which for us is critical. They understand our very specific needs and are always on top of their game.

 “Our fleet of supercars at Exotics Racing is always growing and the new Stingray has improved in every aspect compared to the previous generation. The Corvette Stingray adds some variety to our lineup of exotic cars and we also take customer feedback into consideration in terms of cars they would like to experience on a racetrack. At Exotics Racing, we’ll provide proper racing instruction so you can push the limits of these cars in a safe environment.”

Situated at 6800 S. Torrey Pines Dr. just south of I-215 in the southwest Las Vegas valley, Findlay Chevrolet is headed by General Manager Jamaal McCoy. In June, the dealership sold the most new Chevrolets west of Texas.

The dealership is part of Findlay Automotive Group which was founded more than 50 years ago by the late Pete Findlay whose son, Cliff, now heads operations in Nevada, Utah, Arizona and Idaho.

 Further information regarding the dealership can be found by calling 702-982-4000, or by visiting

 Further information regarding Exotics Racing can be found by calling 702-405-7223 or by visiting

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November 09, 2014 Randy Ruppert wrote:
Mike, I find it hard to stick with Chevrolet, after growing up with the sport of auto racing and seeing the Ford, Talladega/Mercury, Cyclone Plymouth, Superbird fight it out on the super speedways, USAC and NASCAR struggling to maintain order as Dodge invented the Rocket Shaped, Hemi Powered Monster of a supercar, Ford fired Back with the Talladega. What was the Corvette but an excuse not to play. By far my powerplant of choice the LS series was a High Performance engine and Corvette coupe, but where was their horse the Chevelle , I personally have stuffed over 150 to 200 race cars together since leaving Las Vegas with the easy to adapt 550hp that the stock LS7 gives you, but now we have a rebirth at Chrysler Muscle Car, so you Corvette lovers might want stay in the parking lot. The Hell Cat is on the loose and GM seems to be reluctant to put a concept car together because they were not there in '69 and '70, But that's just my take Mr. Henle, so thanks my friend.

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