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Comedian Harley Worthit heads for BransonFest Out West in Mesquite Feb. 3-5
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Comedian Perry Edenburn as Harley Worthit will be among the stars highlighted during BransonFest Out West Feb. 3-5 at the CasaBlanca Resort in Mesquite.

As though he is on auto pilot, Perry Edenburn knows that he’ll be at the CasaBlanca in Mesquite, Nev., the first week of February.

That’s been the case for the past four years as the man known as Harley Worthit brings his comedy routine to BransonFest Out West in the fifth annual presentation in the CasaBlanca Event Center Feb. 3-5.

The wildly-popular Edenburn actually started as a drummer on Lee Mace’s Ozark Opry in Osage Beach,, Mo. in 1980.  At the Ozark Jamboree also at Osage Beach, an interesting twist of fate, the comedian and his wife left town after getting into a huge fight.
Already comfortable playing the guitar, Edenburn was asked to create a character and start working as the show’s comedian.

Ten weeks later, Edenburn had proven his versatility as a comedian named Harley Worthit and the rest is history heading into Sue Arko’s production at the CasaBlanca.
At the age of 64, Edenburn has an impressive resume’ that includes working with The Presley’s, Pam Tillis, Doug Kershaw, Pierce Arrow, Splinter Middleton, Clay Cooper and Delene Andre along with Moe Bandy.

“I have always been one to tell jokes,” said Edenburn. “That particular comedian and I actually worked together and I’d help him with his show. When the guy left town, the band leader kind of shoved me into the responsibility.

“It really wasn’t my choice, but somebody needed to do it and it might as well have been me. I thought I would rather be a comedian with a job than a singer looking for one.”

Each year just about the time the new year is celebrated Edenburn has already been planning for his next 12 months. In what has become commonplace, he will travel about 7,000 miles to playing more than 400 shows just in Branson where he has lived for the past 27 years.. 

He will play about 25 venues on the road in 2014.

“I have been wondering about bringing back some of the costumes I used to wear,” he said. “I had a suit that I used to wear that blew up until I looked like a big chef. I can do the same jokes in different clothes, but I just want to look different every time.
“I will do about an hour in the two days at Mesquite. I have jokes that I have added this year and I might do a little more with the guitar with audience participation that has done pretty well in Branson.”

Edenburn will kick off BransonFest Out West Feb. 3.

“We try to analyze everything and have found that the people who come to our shows are looking for a good time,” he said. “No matter where they have traveled from, they appreciate good entertainment and good humor. People really want to laugh.”
Edenburn said the Branson theme has done well in Mesquite.

“It’s been very successful in Mesquite,” he said. “The audiences seem to appreciate the show and it’s very fulfilling to get out of town. People in Mesquite are very open-minded.”

This year’s BransonFest Out West will also include dance lessons, fitness activities and a fashion show.

Edenburn continues to return to Mesquite although he might be taking a break in 2015.

“I might do a few more shows in Arizona in 2015 and cut back in other areas,” he said. “I’d rather work than look for work.”

Advanced ticket prices start at $17.

Further information can be found by visiting or by calling 480-926-5547; or by visiting or calling Mesquite Gaming’s Petra Jones at 888-711-4653, ext. 6890. 

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