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Jim Marsh's beloved 3,000 pound Holstein Herman dies at the Longstreet in Amargosa Valley
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Automobile dealership owner Jim Marsh poses with Herman the Holstein steer at the Longstreet Inn and Casino about 95 miles northwest of Las Vegas. Herman died recently of cancer after spending nine great years attracting visitors of all ages to the Longstreet.

By Mike Henle

             AMARGOSA VALLEY, Nev. -- Herman, a Holstein steer that drew national acclaim after taking up residence in front of Jim Marsh’s Longstreet Inn and Casino nine years ago, succumbed to cancer July 26.

           Considered the pride of the 60-room hotel-casino that Marsh built in 1995, the gentle giant weighed about 3,000 pounds and attracted visitors from all over the country.  Marsh said last year that onlookers from kids to senior citizens loved having their pictures taken with Herman, who also seemed to enjoy the attention.

            An admitted animal lover who has featured various animals over the years in his television commercials touting his car business, Marsh found Herman in Beatty at Larry Gray’s feed store. Gray got Herman from a woman whose family had adopted the bull calf from the Amargosa Dairy.

           Marsh went back and asked Gray what he was going to do with the pet steer; and Gray responded by saying that he was going to fatten up Herman and eventually have him slaughtered for food for the family.

          When Marsh acquired Herman, he was 4 ½ feet tall and weighed 700-800 pounds before growing to his current weight and standing 6-foot-4 while almost 3,000 pounds.

          Herman would eventually become the largest bovine in the world, as far as anyone knows.

        Knowing that the Longstreet experienced great exposure thanks to Herman’s long residency at the hotel-casino, Marsh said he doubted there would be another animal the size of Herman.

        “I’m not sure what we’re going to do,” said Marsh. “You can’t replace Herman,” who was accompanied by two burros and a pet goat. The animals all corralled together.

          The Longstreet is situated on Highway 373 at the California/Nevada stateline about 95 miles northwest of Las Vegas. The hotel casino is situated about 35 miles east of Furnace Creek.

            Marsh’s Jim Marsh Kia is situated at 8555 Centennial Parkway in northwest Las Vegas. He moved to Las Vegas from Longview, Wash., in 1971 to become one of Southern Nevada’s most well-known automobile executives.

            Marsh also owns several other establishments in Nevada including the Banc Club, Tonopah Station and the Bug Bar; all in Tonopah; the Manhattan Bar in Manhattan in Smoky Valley; and Bank Club of Pioche northeast of Las Vegas; the Sante Fe Saloon in Goldfield; and the Skyline Casino on Boulder Highway in Las Vegas.

            Further information can be found by visiting www.longstreetcasino; by calling Marsh at 702-946-1000.


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