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Hometown hero Richard Boyle powers to the overall and Class 1 victories in SNORE Motion Tire race
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RIDGECREST, Calif. -- The Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts, a group of dedicated souls who have been presenting desert racing events since 1969, could not have written a better script than the one that wrapped up the annual Motion Tire Ridgecrest 300 that was run here April 13.

In SNORE’s second race of the Terrible Herbst Motor Sports Garage Series touting an estimated $25,000 in prize money, the club drew rave reviews from members of the Bureau of Land Management for another stellar performance; while also attracting a strong field of 83 entries in several classes.

In perfect style, the Overall and Class 1 titles were won by friendly and hard-charging Richard Boyle, whose company Motion Tire is a highly-respected business in Ridgecrest. Just so happens that Boyle also sponsored the sixth annual SNORE event here, which was initiated when another Ridgecrest off-road racer approached SNORE about the possibility of presenting an off-road race near China Naval Base in the High Desert.

Boyle 48,  running a ground-thundering two-seater, turned in a five-lap time of 4 hours, 35.36 minutes to dominate the event that featured 50-mile laps that included everything from traditional dust to boulders so big that you’d swear the area was formerly the ground for old Roy Rogers movies.

While many others struggled in what was termed a very technical layout that ate up a huge part of the field, Boyle was pedal-to-the-medal during an impressive showing that saw him score a narrow victory over fellow Ridgecrest resident Joe David, who finished a little more than a minute behind.

“We started off easy because that car just ran the HDRA race last weekend. So it had 250 hard miles on it. We just tried to bet to the finish line and we won it. We will be at the Baja 500 the first weekend of June.

Highly-touted Justin Smith, a talented 29 year-old competitor out of Capistrano Beach, Calif., powered to the 1600 win with a time of 5:05.49 to finish more than an hour ahead of his nearest challenger.

“We had a good draw,” explained Smith, who was headed to a wedding not long after recording the victory. “We were second off the line and by Mile 6, we passed (two other cars) and took over the lead.

“We didn’t have much radio communication at all, so we just tried to pace ourselves. I wasn’t seeing anyone or hearing from anyone, so I just figured that no news was good news. The Goodrich tires were hooking up and we didn’t have any problems. Our Foxx shocks worked well all day.

“But man, SNORE put a heckuva course together. It was one of the roughest courses I have ever raced in my life.”

Bill Shapley, tech director SNORE, said the race was a huge success.

“We didn’t have any problems with anything,” said Shapley, 56. “It’s always fun coming to Ridgecrest and this was no different than ever before. This city opens its arms and the course is bitching. It’s rough and there is a lot of fast stuff, but it’s fun. What a great way to get out of Vegas for awhile."

Race director Kenny Freeman, now sitting out his second year to handle participating in the presentation of SNORE events, concurred with Shapley.

“We could not have hoped for better,” he said. “We will be back again and really enjoyed working with this particular BLM district. They were very cooperative and the city of Ridgecrest loves having us each year.”

Also key to the blockbuster weekend was the purse posted by SNORE. As an example, Class 9 winner Michael Goltz of Covina, Calif., pocketed $3,200 for his triumph to highlight the big winners.

Overall, SNORE presented checks for a total of $15,000 in prize money and KARTEK cash.

Las Vegas automobile executive Steve Olliges, who owns Team Ford in the northwest Las Vegas valley, was among the drivers who not only complimented SNORE and also pointed out the challenges affiliated with the race.

“The race was awesome,” said Olliges, who finished runnerup to defending champion Mike Voudouris of Austin, Tex.. “I drove the first three laps and had no problems at all. Three minutes from completing my third lap, I got a flat tire on the front. I didn’t want to take a chance of tearing up one of our Trail Ready wheels. Brittany and Kenny do a great job of setting up the course, which was very technical. Lot of it was really good for an old I-Beam truck and some of it wasn’t that gets really rough for an old I-Beam truck.

“The course was very rocky and tough. There were a lot of people pulled off to the side with broken suspensions and flat tires. The boulders are all over the place.
“The old BFG Fox 4 did great. Sometimes you have to straddle and be careful that you don’t tear your car apart.”

Other winners included Cody Freeman, 10; Ken Taper, 12; Bree Cloud, 13; Sal Gomez, 1450; Kelly Suiter, 15; John Pellissier, 18; Ken Leavitt, 2000; Bruce Frisen, 3000; Jerry Fisher, 5-1600; Dallas Lutrell, 7287; and Michael Brenner, Stock Bug.
Further information regarding SNORE can be found by visiting

SNORE Motion Tire Ridgecrest 300
Results of Saturday, April 13
at Ridgecrest, Calif.

Overall – 156 Richard Boyle, Ridgecrest, Calif., 4:35.36.
Unlimited Trucks – 1. 70 Mike Voudouris, Austin, Tex. 4:40.30; 2. 27 Steve Olliges, Las Vegas, 5:02.01.
Class 1 --- 1. 156 Richard Boyle, Ridgecrest, Calif., 4:35.36; 2. 115 Joe David, Ridgecrest, Calif., 4:46.50; 3. 199 Mike Thurlow, Kingsburg, Calif., 5:22.13; 4. 188 Jason Whipple, Lancaster, Calif., DNF; 5. 108 Dennis Boyle, Ventura, Calif., DNF.
Class 10 – 1002 1. Cody Freeman, Henderson, Nev., 4:41.36; 2. 1092 Cody Jeffers, Barstow, Calif., 4:41.52; 3. 1081 Jason Saran, Tucson, Ariz., 6:26.17; 4. 1095 Patrick Gailey, Norco, Calif., DNF; 5. 1011 Mike McGee, Ridgecrest, Calif., DNF; 6. 1014 Blaine McDonald, Las Vegas, DNF; 7. 1076 Gerardo Tribe, Santa Ana, Calif., DNF; 8 Sammy Ehrenberg, Las Vegas, DNF; 9. 1071 Darryl Kysar, Oxnard, Calif., DNF; 10. 1071 Tony Nguyen, Anaheim, Calif., DNF; 11. 1029 Chris Wakim, Simi Valley, Calif., DNF; 12. 1087 Gary Messer, Kingman, Ariz., DNF.
Class 12 – 1. 1230 Ken Tapert, Henderson, Nev.; 2. 1299 Vic Bruckman, San Diego, Calif., 6:11.15; 3. 1227 Justin Buckley, Long Beach, Calif., 4 laps; 4. 1280 Matt 14 McBride, Brea, Calif., 4 laps; 5.1215 Michael Benedict, North Las Vegas, 4 laps; 6, Randy Jones, Simi Valley, Calif., DNF;  7. 1277 Zac Reish, Riverside, Calif., DNF; 8. 1210 Jason Peterson, Granite Bay, Calif., DNF; 9. 1259 Bob Dziurawiec, Prescott, Ariz., DNF; 10. 1272 Jason Davis, Pinon Hills, Calif., DNF; 11. 1271 Keith Rogovin, DNF.
Class 13 – 1336 1. Bree Cloud, Las Vegas, 3:47.18, 3 laps; 2. 1380 Billy Shapley, Jr., 4:06.37, 3 laps; 3. 1360 Mike Montes, Las Vegas, 4:23.13, 3 laps; 4. 1355 Scott Davis, Moreno Valley, Calif., 1 lap; 5. 1378 Dave Nelson, Henderson, DNF.
Class 1450 – 1. 1413 Sal Gomez, Anaheim, Calif., 3:28.00; 2. 1433 Allen Byma, Bellflower, Calif., 3:31.09; 3. 1447 Darren Parsons, Ridgecrest, Calif., 3:38.35; 4. 1498 Steve Fike, San Luis Obispo, Calif., 4:08.53; 5. 1472 Dustyn Loppnow, Yucaipa, Calif., DNF; 6. 1479 Chris Freas, Simi Valley, Calif., DNF; 7. 1412 Jeff Eveler, Lincoln, Calif., DNF.
Class 15 – Kelly Suiter, Henderson, 3:33.45.
Class 1600 – 1. 1619 Justin Smith, Capistrano Beach, Calif., 5:05.49; 2. 1612 Blaine Conrad, Las Vegas, 6:11.07; 3. 1616 Rick Boyer, DNF; 4. 1664 Jonathan Burnworth, Holtville, Calif., DNF; 5. 1614 Andrew Neal, LaVerne, Calif., DNF; 6. 1697 Matt Depue, DNF; 7. 1632 Greg Boyer, DNF; 8. 1621 James Dean, Las Vegas, DNF.
Class 18 – 1800 John Pellissier, 5:27.21.
Class 2000 – 1. Ken Leavitt, Santa Paula, Calif., 1 lap; 2. 2015 Laralee Wagstaff, Santa Paula, Calif., 1 lap.
Class 3000 – 1. 3050 Bruce Frisen, Kingsburg, Calif., DNF; 2. 3003 Eric Trondle, Anaheim, Calif., DNF.
           Class 5-1600 – 1. 562 Jerry Fisher, Riverside, Calif., 3 laps, DNF; 2. 555 Michael King, Menifee, Calif., 2 laps, DNF; 3. 567 Jeff Goorsky, Hemet, Calif., DNF.
Class 7 – 1. 7287 Dallas Lutrell, Salt Lake City, Utah, 4:59.47; 2. 7235 Keith Minnicks, Irvine, Calif., DNF; 3. 7298 Jonathan Brenthel, Irvine, Calif., DNF.
Class 9 – 1. 968 Michael Goltz, Covina, Calif., 533.27; 2. 928 Kyle Vizzo, Barstow, Calif., 5:35.07; 3. 911 Brandon Heald, Barstow, Calif., 5:48.52; 4. 989 Corey Torres, Las Vegas, DNF; 5. 920 Kurt Davidson, Madera, Calif., DNF; 6. 922 Jacob Davidson, Madera, Calif., DNF; 7. 987 William Dalton, Sahvarita, Calif., DNF; 8. 966 Jeff Johnson, DNF.
Class Stock Bug – 1. 1179 Michael Brenner, Costa Mesa, Calif., 5:19.03; 2. 1138 Christian Anderson, Phelan, Calif., 5:21.02; 3. 1127 David Gunn, Ridgecrest, Calif., DNF; 4. 1162 Dennis Sletten, Salton Sea Beach, Calif., DNF; 5.1148 Jim Juneau, Torrance, Calif., DNF; 6. 1100 Robert Johnson, Ahwahnee, Calif., DNF.



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