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Hard-charging Josh Daniel captures off-road's version of a hat trick to highlight SNORE event
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LAUGHLIN, Nev. -- (Dec. 9, 2012) -- When the annual SNORE Hostyle Rage at the River was completed here Sunday afternoon, 37 year-old Southern California contractor Josh Daniel had accomplished about all he could for the weekend.

Driving an earth-shaking, fire-breathing 700-horsepower Danzio Performance Engineering Class 1 entry, the talented Daniel set fast time Friday, won his heat Saturday and finally wrapped up what is known as a hat trick by taking the overall win Sunday.

Julius Caesar once said “I came; I saw; I conquered” and Daniel might say the same thing about his trip to this city along the Colorado River. He might not have expected such success heading for Laughlin, but the end result was Gold Medal all the way.

Daniel, a hard-driving competitor who has been around the sport for about 30 years but didn’t start racing until about seven years ago when he could afford to buy his own equipment, was not just a dominating force.

 Josh Daniel, right, and his co-driver Allen Hickerson

He beat highly-respected Class 1 Unlimited driver Harley Letner by a time of 56.59 to 57.55, but he was dominating nonetheless.

“I really haven’t had any big wins lately,” said Daniel. “I have just been driving Trophy Trucks for some of the other guys; and I haven’t won since SNORE’s Plaster City race in 2011.”

Daniel is a hard-driving off-roader and nobody knows that better than his co-driver Allen Hickerson. He praised SNORE for a well-run event.

“I thought it was awesome,” Daniel said. “SNORE did an excellent job and the race was really well organized. Day Two on the track was really rough and it wasn’t for the weak at heart. It was almost like a controlled car wreck for an hour.”

Daniel was quick to praise Danzio co-owner Chris Muzio saying “He’s the brains behind this team. Without him, we have no racing.
“We have a lot of guys at the shop who are also a big help including our mechanic Mitch Tolano."

Nobody knows Daniel’s talent better than his co-rider Allen Hickerson, who loves his role.

“It’s exciting,” said Hickerson, 31, of Vista Calif., who also works for Daniel at D and D Laser Screed in Lake Elsinore, Calif. “I’m used to it because we have driven together for so many years. It’s like driving with my best friend. I trust him and believe his judgment. I don’t get scared. It’s very exciting and very enjoyable. Many people probably won’t believe that, but it’s true.

“We had a little bit of luck on our side and had a flawless weekend. The mechanics did a great a job on the car and we got by without any mechanical issues. There were great drivers out there this weekend. Harley had a plug wire burn out on the first day, so he was off a cylinder. It could have been way more interesting if Harley hadn’t had any problems.”

Hickerson certainly played a big part in Daniel’s giant weekend.

“I just pay attention to my job,” he said. “I watch the GPS and the temperatures. I concentrate on my job and that is to help him the best I can.”

Sammy Zaranti of Riot Racing praised the event and the final results of Jordan Poole, who finished tenth overall in Unlimited; along with a Sportsman buggy run by Poole and Clint Braun.

“It was an awesome event,” said Zaranti, who is the chief mechanic for Riot Racing in Las Vegas. “Mark Ewing is the team owner and driver and he wasn’t able to make the event, so Jordan debuted as a driver and did very well.”

Jordan finished third in the trucks and tenth overall; while Braun teamed with Jordan to win both days in Sportsman buggy.

“The course was definitely rough and challenging,” said Zaranti, a 39 year-old resident of Las Vegas since 1988. “We had some very technical moon bumps which were so big they could swallow up a truck.

“You definitely had to do your homework pre-running to make sure you got around the technical courses while also being successful in a quick fashion.”

Zaranti said he and Jordan wanted to thank Ewing for letting them race his flawlessly prepped truck.

“We actually had a flat in the Trophy Truck and changed it in about 30 seconds,” explained Zaranti. “We didn’t lose a position and finished in third place on Sunday.”

Zaranti said Riot Racing was planning to expand its operations in 2013. He added that SNORE would be included in several of the team’s events.

“We should be in Primm to start the season,” he said.

 Dan McMilliin captured the Unlimited Truck category of the Rage at the River.

The event drew about 170 entries from several states. Among the many teams that competed was the prominent McMillin family, a prominent off-road racing group with rich ties to the sport.

Dan McMillin won the Unlimited Truck class, while Luke McMillin, who has been a kingpin in Mexico races, competed in the 1600 category.

SNORE will open the 2013 season Feb. 21-24 with the Battle at Primm. Further information can be found by visiting

Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts
HOSTYLE Rage at the River

Dec. 7-9

Laughlin, Nev.

Unlimited Truck – 1. Dan McMillin 1:58.20; 2. Scott Whipple 2:05.56; 3. Jordan Poole 2:08.04; 4. Steve Olliges 2:13.30; 5. Tony Scott 2:21.13.

Class 1 Unlimited – 1. Josh Daniel (first overall) 1:53.16; 2. Harley Letner 1:54.38 (second overall); 3. Richard Boyle 1:59.48; 4. Adam Householder 2:0018; 5. Richard Boyle 2:06.17; 6. Kelly Mather 2:08.01; 7. Kyle Murray 2:13.25.

Class 10 – 1. Michael LaPaglia 2:05.10; 2. Matt Laughlin 2:12.24; 3. David Norris 2:12.44; 4. Brett Mauer 2:12.47; 5. Mike McGee 2:18.50; 6. Jason Saran 2:19.57; 7. Dave Terrel 2:34.18.

Class 12 – 1. Daniel Folts 2:11.30; 2. Rick Poole 2:14.45; 3. Todd Stemmerman 2:19.44; 4. Craig Crew 2:35.24; 5. Michael Benedict 2:43.51.

Class 13 – 1. Jordan Poole 2:00.49; 2. Nicholas Meyers 2:05.42; 3. Bree Cloud 26.35; 4. Mark Brister 2:27.21.

Class 1450 – 1. Allen Byma 1:54.30; 2. Ryan Dunn 1:55.19; 3. Jerry Musgrave 1:55.37; 4. Jeremy Smeltzer 1:58.44; 5. Ulisis Galvan 2:12.39; 6. Nick Tonelli 2:16.321; 7. Kevin Mckeown 2:19.00; 8. Thomas Byma 2:27.54.

Class 15 – 1. Richard Blunk 1:53.18; 2. Mitch Terrell 2:30.35.

Class 16 – 1. Curt Geer 2:18.12; 2. Corey Boyer 2:18.42; 3. Blaine Conrad 2:19.12; 4. Ross Mattox2:20.15; 5. Justin Smith 2:20.43; 6. Cody Robinson 2:23.10; 7. Michael Ward2:24.36; 8. Brian Munson 2:27.59; 9. Bob Hendrickson 2:28.27; 10. Luke McMillin 2:29.28.

Class 18 – 1. Anthony Perrucci 2:21.9; 2. Craig Williams 2:30.06.

Class 3000 – 1. Gary Messer 2:25.37; 2. Ryan Frisby 2:25.56; 3. Eric Trondle 2:27.28.

Class 5-1600 – Tom Bird 2:38.35.

Class 7 – 1. Robert Reckinger 2:45.04.

Class 9 – 1. Forest Creasy 2:06.37; 2. Kyle Vizzo 2:33.58.

Stock Bug – 1. Scott Wisdom 1:51.38; 2. David Hendrickson 1:51.46; 3. Robert Johnson 1:56.39.

Stock Full – Lori English 2:12.44.

UTV Pro – Tony Larabell 1:56.07.

VORE – Walt Pistor 2:05.06.

For full results, please visit



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