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For long-time KOMP Radio morning personality Craig Williams, off-road race is the best way to relax
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Las Vegas radio personality Craig Williams, 51, is a top-rated member of KOMP 92.3; and one of the top racers in SNORE's events leading into the weekend's HOSTYLE Rage at the River in Laughlin, Nev.

Craig Williams is better known as a top-rated radio personality who can be heard in Las Vegas on KOMP 92.3 every weekday morning.

A native of Southern Nevada., the 51 year-old Williams will be among a field of about 170 entries Friday through Sunday when the Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts’ HOSTYLE Rage at the River converges on Laughlin.

In fact, the personable Williams has found the ideal way to relax in his Class 1800 off-road buggy, even though the challenges are huge and the sport can be expensive.

Originally invited to attend a SNORE race in about 1986 by Bekki Wik, whose family has been involved with SNORE for more than 40 years, Williams has been hooked since Day One.

Ironically, Williams found out about the sport the hard way. Like the radio business that he has been in since 1986, he’s a true survivor.

“He rode with my dad (Ken, Sr.) in the SNORE Bottom Dollar at Nellis Dunes and the car rolled in the early stages of the race,” explained Kenny Freeman, Jr. “I asked him last year in December to see if he wanted to come out again.

“He came out to the Battle of Primm and actually did pretty well. “He finished second and he has raced every race except one this year.”

Freeman said that Williams’ dedication to the sport is evidenced by how he has done this year.

“He has been in the hunt in every race,” Freeman said. “He’s had a gremlin hit him a couple of times, but he’s been either the leader or right on the heels of first place in most races.”

 Craig Williams displays second-place trophy that he won in the SNORE 250. The 51 year-old KOMP 92.3 radio personality is having the time of his life in off-road racing.

Williams, a 1979 graduate of Virgin Valley High School in Mesquite, admits that he’s hooked on off-road racing. In fact, he may become SNORE’s Rookie of the Year.

“It’s pretty awesome,” said Williams, who moved to Las Vegas in 1986.
 “I am most definitely hooked on off-road racing,” explained Williams, who has worked with Lotus Broadcasting in Las Vegas for 26 years. “It’s a great relaxation for me. It’s fast and it’s furious but at the same time it’s relaxing because I cannot focus on anything but the car and the course.

 “When you’re in an off-road race car, the everyday stresses simply go away. You can’t think about anything else but driving a car. The adrenalin rush is really good for you. It’s a natural anti-depressant.”

Williams really didn’t think he would continue in off-road race after his first race.
“I talked to Kenny and thanked him for the experience and hit him up for another ride at the same time,” he laughed. “I’m second in points right now and as long as I finish in Laughlin, I’ll end up second in points behind Jon Pellisier in the class.

“I’m pretty proud of that.”

 Williams loves the short-course layouts such as the one that will be used in Laughlin.

“I think the short course racing is the direction that the sport is going,” he said. “It’s excellent for the fans and I also think it’s good for the sport. If you break down, you can get to the pit. I had so much fun at Primm. 

 “Short-course racing is our future, like it or not.”

 Williams’ family includes his wife of 11 years, Amanda; along with a daughter, Alyssa, 9.

“My wife is wonderful,” said Williams. “She supports me in everything I do. She’s the best thing that ever happened to me.”

The car Williams drives belongs to Freeman.

“Kenny just put me in it to have a little fun and the rest is history. Look for me to be on the podium much more in 2013.

SNORE will also bring its 2012 awards banquet to Laughlin the beginning of January. Details will be released later.

Further information will be available at

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May 16, 2012 Joe Mc Donough wrote:
Mike..As old, and ancient as I am, you forgot to mention one of the most important people involved with CRS......A certain smooth character named Mike " Mad Dog" Henle was a great announcer at the track for many years. You were as much a part of the history of CRS as naybody!!! Great article as usual Mike.

August 24, 2013 Lynnie wrote:
Great story and many good memories...

October 05, 2012 Danny Soutwwell wrote:
Hey remember the flying junkman Duane Engelson, or Keith Hall? How bout Andy the Mail an Anderson.... and Jerry Kessler and his wife Evelyn. How about Betty Engelson

March 24, 2013 austin luttmer wrote:
where was this track located on craig road?   It was at Fifth Street and Craig Road on the southeast corner.

April 06, 2013 Cy Van Norman wrote:
Mike, thank you so very much! Me and my mom just read this and we love you for it. It's great that people remember these wonderful times.

April 07, 2013 Cy Van Norman wrote:
Would you be interested in me scanning any more photos from the track to you? I have the ones that remain in my family.

April 08, 2013 Mike Henle wrote:
Absolutely! Would love to have the photos!

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